Copic Marker Storage Inspiration

One thing stays pretty much the same no matter which location the crop is at… storage.  We can all agree that for some of us organization is definitely not a strong point.  Some struggle with just how to organize all that great stuff, while the other majority seems to have it down to a science.

I’d like you to meet Steven.  Steven has been coming to Stamp & Scrapbook Expos for years, and not just one a year. He makes it to three of four Expos every year! The beautiful cards he creates first caught our eye at the crops, but we soon became mesmerized by his collection of Copic markers and then his organization of all his Copic markers!  A collection this vast is something to be proud of, and it definitely calls for some serious organization.

At home something permeant might be easy to commit to, but Steven likes to attend our crops, meet his friends, and go to craft parties.  He needed something that he would be able to travel with, something portable, something structured that he could have readily available.  Now if this set up doesn’t entail some major systematic planning, I don’t know what would.

When considering purchasing anything for our craft items we tend to ask ourselves a few questions.  First, is it practical?  Second, is it expensive?  Third, is it attractive?  The first and second questions can be overridden by the answer to the third question.  For Steven, this storage solution checked all the boxes he needed to be checked off!

Do you want to see this all packed up and ready to go to the next crop?  Michelle from the Crop Crew modeled it for us.

Did this leave you with enough inspiration to start getting organized? At least I know half of you are going to either get organized or buy some more Copic markers!  Both sound like a win/win for me!!

See you at the Crop!


Crop Table Decor Trends

Hi, Tina from the Crop Crew here!

One of the best parts about my job is getting to see how creative our guests get with the crop themes!  We unveil new crop themes each year and as soon as they are announced, people put their thinking caps on and start designing!  Here are some of the trends I have noticed so far.

This year has been an amazing year for our table decorating contests!  We have watched tables get transformed into racetracks, slumber parties, and the Land of Oz, with the latest theme being the Wild Thing Jungle.  It is not surprising that our guests are a creative bunch, but what impresses me half the time is the construction that goes into completing them.

We have seen people construct decorations with PVC pipes, pool noodles, and lots of cardboard.  Sometimes it takes people 20 minutes to construct a masterpiece, and sometimes I have watched others work for two hours straight.

A new trend that we see emerging is decorating the front of the table.  Sometimes putting items in the middle of your crop table takes up precious creative space. I totally get that.  But here is an option that doesn’t take up any space on your crop table with no more shifting things for your decorations. It’s a genius idea!

Another angle of the new trend of decorating the head of the table is that once you are sitting at your table, you feel a part of your decorations without having anything over your head.  These gals decorated both sides of their creation.  If you were walking by, your view of their creation would be the same from where they were sitting.  I loved the idea that they decorated both the front and the back to get the full effect of their design.

What else has been popular table decor trends at the crop, you ask? Staged photo ops!  After all, we are scrapbookers and we love pictures!  It is the best way to encourage interaction at our crops.  One of my favorite recent photo ops was this safari jeep!  We had some of the cutest pictures taken with this scene.  Once again, notice the trend here?  It is at the front of the table and takes up no table top space!

Are you worried because you aren’t a table of four?  No need to fret, look how these two gals decorated their table for two!  If you sit across from your friend you are able to put your decor down the middle of the table. Look at how sophisticated these decorations look! And the lights really caught my eye; it is so gorgeous.

If you are not one to decorate your table, you can still feel like you’re participating by taking a walk around the crop and looking at all the tables.  Snap a picture of your favorite decor and post it for all to see!  Don’t forget to use our hashtag #ssbecrop and you can see all the decorations from across the United States.  Enjoy marveling at all the creations!

See you at the Crop!



Come Crop with us at Stamp and Scrapbook Expo!

Hello Stamp & Scrapbook Expo croppers, I’m Tina one, of the crop hostesses. I’m so excited to introduce you to a new series here on the Weekly Scrapper blog. This series will keep you updated on what’s happening at our famous crops.  We see lots of great storage ideas, costumes, and table decorations for the crop contests we host, not to mention some really amazing work traveling around the shows.  I hope to share a glimpse of this with you twice a month here on the Weekly Scrapper Blog.

Have you ventured out to a crop lately?  Better yet, have you joined us at one of our crops at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo?  Are you wondering what you can expect from one of our crops?  Fun and excitement, to say the least!

Our crops give you the space and time to work at your own pace on your own projects.  It also gives you the capability to use your space as a home base during the Expo.  You can come and go at your leisure, dropping heavy shopping bags off at your table, leaving your big items while you take a class, enjoying lunch at your seat, or even just taking a load off your feet, but the best part is socializing with your friends. Not to mention contests and PRIZES!!  And who doesn’t love prizes?

We have an increasing number of husbands joining their wives at the crops as well.  It’s about time they realize our obsession is addicting yet relaxing… and they get it now!  Plus, just think of all the bags your hubby can hold for you if he goes! Or maybe all the extra stuff he will buy for you, or wait a minute, just think of all the supplies you can share now!   This is a trend I hope to see grow more in the future!

Don’t have a single friend who scrapbooks or makes cards?  No problem, this is a perfect opportunity to come and make some new friends who love it as much as you do. In all my years as a crop host I have seen many friendships blossom and grow from introductions they have made at the crop.  It makes me so happy to see new relationships being formed, all because someone made a crafty friend at the crop.

How do you make crafty friends at the crops?  You can always start by visiting our Facebook group page for the location of the expo you want to visit.  Start by being active in the group.  In New Jersey they started to wear Facebook buttons to identify themselves at the Expo because they all became such great friends online they wanted to continue the online friendships in person.  Lots of people always post on the Facebook page if they are looking for table-mates to sit with them at the crop.  It’s a good way to reach out to other crafters going to the same Expo as you.  Don’t need to make any more friends?  You can come alone!  Plenty of people just need a crafty place to get a lot of work done and that is okay, too!  People do it all the time and enjoy themselves just as much.

Are you a card maker? A stamper? A scrapbooker? A jewelry maker? A planner?  Are you just crafty in general?  This is the place for you!  Crops allow you to be inspired and to create.  Are you just crafty in general?  The Thursday Mega Make & Take Extravaganza might be the crop for you.  What exactly happens at the MMTE crop?  Pure bliss that is the best way to describe it – heaven!  Our VIP vendors come over to the crop and do a different make and take with you every half hour.  All of the projects vary, so it accommodates a little bit of everything crafty.  You learn lots of new techniques, experiment with different products, and learn more about what that vendor offers.  You are also eligible to shop with them at the special 4:00 pm shopping time and then after each VIP vendor present their project, you can shop with them after their presentation for special products and deals.

Each VIP vendor takes pure joy in teaching you their project.  The make it fun and entertaining while teaching you valuable tips all at the same time.

The Make and Take Extravaganza is almost like taking a ton of mini classes all in one night!  It is our most popular crop night and commonly sells out.  If you are contemplating joining us for a crop, this crop would definitely convince you to come!  Our VIP vendors take such pride in teaching you their projects, and it is a perfect time to get a little insight on what might be offered on the show floor the next day.

Gather your unfinished projects, or even your up-to-date projects, pack your stuff, and head on over to one of our crops. Where else can you crop with a few hundred of your closest craftiest friends, be able to shop for the latest and greatest products, score on great deals, and have a chance at winning prizes?  At a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Crop, of course!

I can’t wait to tell you all about the excitement happening at the crops here on the Weekly Scrapper. I’ll see you here on the blog AND at the crops. Don’t forget to sign up for a crop at a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo near you. Please come find me and say “Hi”!