See What's New for 2017 Online & Onsite Table Reservations!

  • Reserved tables will accommodate a group of four people.
  • Each guest will need to purchase their own crop ticket and bonus kit online.
  • Once your group of 4 has purchased their individual crop tickets, one person from the group will need to visit our Crop Table Application to reserve the table.
  • There is a $20 fee per table reserved, per day when paid online.
  • Once confirmed, we will add the reserved table to your order.
  • A reserved table card with your name will be placed on your reserved table/s. Please be sure to tell your friends the name that the table is reserved under.
  • Upon arriving please notify the crop host to assist in finding your reserved table.
  • Online table application closes one week prior to the show.

Multiple Tables & Special Requests: If you would like to have your reserved table next to another reserved table, or have any other special requests/needs, please be sure to add this request to the table application. Special requests/needs are filled to the best of our hosts ability.

Moving Tables: Reserved tables are marked with aisle/row numbers for our crop hosts to assist guests in locating their reserved table. PLEASE don not move your tent card. All reserved table tent cards will be marked with their row/aisle number. If tent cards are moved; that table will forfeit further table reservation privileges in the future. We ask that you please see your crop host if you have any concerns with your table arrangements.

Online Crop Table Application
    Guests are not obligated to reserve a table as seating is first come first serve. However, we know that for many of you this is an important feature that you would like to take advantage of.
    Policy Changes: We understand that there may be times when you are not able to reserve a table online prior to pre-registration closing. Guests will still be able to reserve a table onsite, however you will no longer be able to reserve a table during the evening hours with the crop host. Please see the steps below if you wish to reserve a table onsite.
  • ALL Onsite reservations will need to be made at the registration counter by 5pm one day prior to your scheduled event.
  • Guests will need all four printed tickets in hand, in order to reserve.
  • Each ticket will be verified that it is not already associated with an existing table reservation.
  • Once verified, we will print your table ticket.
  • Onsite table fee is $25.
    If you are looking for others to make a table, we do suggest that you join our Facebook page to meet up with new friends. You would be surprised how many other croppers are looking to group up to make a table as well. As an added convenience we will also have a bulletin board located by the crop entrance for those that are looking for others to group up with.

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