More Opportunities for Prizes

There are so many ways to win prizes from Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

  1. Door Prizes
    • Everyone who pre-registered is automatically entered to win door prizes all day long, plus the Grand Door Prizes too!
    • If you didn’t pre-register, no problem. Just enter your name in a Door Prize Kiosk once you get to the show.  Make sure you leave all those other companies checked.  These get you entered for the Grand Door prizes!
  1. The Number Game

For this game, you really need to pay attention.  Look for the numbers on the floor.  Listen to the announcements.  When the number game is announced, stand on a number near you.  If your number is called, you are a winner!

  1. Pre-register for 3 or More Workshops

If you like workshops, sign up for 3 or more online and you’ll get a special gift!

  1. Saturday Scraptacular

Arrive early on Saturday and get your Scraptacular Ticket.  More details here!

  1. Take a workshop

Many companies and instructors offer prizes in their workshops!

  1. Attend a Play Date (crop)

Friday & Saturday Play Dates (crop) have all kinds of prizes – big and small.  There are so many ways to’ll have to go to one to see!

  1. And even more

Some exhibitors offer drawings, and who knows what else you’ll find at Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

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