A Quick Story about Scrapbook Expo


Some jobs are just better than others, and working at a Scrapbook Expo show has to be the best job ever. Calling it a job seems wrong since we have so much fun with the people that walk through our doors. At every expo, we get to see magic happen. It happens when we:

  • see a mother and daughter laugh together as they enjoy creating something special.
  • watch old friends get back together, and also when we see new friendships begin.
  • see joy on someone’s face when they discover how to use a new tool or create with a brand new technique.
  • watch an 80-year old re-discover her love of art when she learns how to use Copic markers.
  • watch a teenager discover how much fun it is to stamp, color, cut, glue, and create something handmade
  • see attendees doing what they love, with people they enjoy being with, in a setting that brings out the fun and excitement in everyone.

Magic does happen, and we’d love to see it happen for you at our next expo!