Will you be joining us at a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo event?

We have set up Facebook Groups to give you a place to find out more about the event, classes, hotel specials, promotions, workshops and more. Are you looking to find a roommate? Do you want suggestions on where to eat? Would you like to meet some people before arriving at the crop? Ask your fellow attendees! Take a moment to share photos of your projects and your time at the show.

29 thoughts on “Show Facebook Groups

    • DEBBIE says:

      where do you live? I’m in CA… not too close to Ontairo.. but I can drive there. just can’t afford it

      • Kelly says:

        I volunteer to earn some money and when in the classroom helping the instructors I normally learn at the same time. Sometimes I got items that the students get.

    • karen chester says:

      Me too Lisa. Wish they had a FB group for Las Vegas. Better yet, wish they had a show in Las Vegas.

  1. Cathy Acevedo says:

    I usually am in MN for that one but this year I was in Anahiem Ca. That one was really great. Got to meet Stephanie B and sign up for a card class later this month. What a down to earh lady she is

  2. Cathy Acevedo says:

    Plus Rochester Mn would love to have an Expo. Alot easier to get to and lovely, friendly people there.

    • Erin says:

      I would love it in Rochester, MN…….I was born there, but moved away in 1978. That would be such an awesome reason to come visit.

  3. Sande Sawyers says:

    I wish there was one in SW MI. I can’t afford to fly or drive far. Besides, my car would probably not make it. I’d rather put money into card making supplies than my car.. J/K, I just can’t afford to have my car die on me. To live the life I have become accustomed to… CARD MAKING!!!! (Goodness, what would I do if I got into scrapbooking too!)

  4. Gwen Mitchem says:

    Why not North Carolina I would love to attend but there is nothing around me please consider coming to nc

      • Betty says:

        It’s been a month…when are the dates being released? Makes think there aren’t going to be any more expos as dates used to be secured at least a year in advance.

        • Jen Walker says:

          There is a full year of 2016 shows to be announced. Stay tuned as that announcement is coming ….

  5. maryann smith says:

    I have been trying to get to the Expo every year for a few years and I think this year will be it. It would be great if there was an Expo in every state. Most of my crafts are floral arrangements. I do enjoy scrapbooking though, especially when I do embossing and die cutting. The sky is the limit.

  6. Cyndi says:

    I have been making cards for almost 20 years, but have never attended a scrapbook/cardmaking expo. Finally, I am going! I will be at the Denver Expo 🙂

  7. Terry says:

    I go every year and this the first time I missed it. I looked at next years schedule and plan on attending 2 next year to make up for this year.

  8. QueenBea says:

    I love the scrapbook expo! I remember the first one I went to was in Orange Co. CA when it was at the Fairgrounds. I gues I had signed up to attend the crop but since it was my first I had no idea what it was, so I showed up with no supplies. I guess I looked lost because a table of very kind and friendly ladies invited me to sit at their table. Since I had no supplies, I had to purchase what I needed to make a card for the contest they were having. The amazing thing is that not only did I win the card cotest, I also won the Grand Door Prize, the Epson Printer. But the best part of my first tiime experince was meeting those ladies because to this day, I still meet up with them at one of the CA expos. I try to go to at least one CA Expo being as I live in NV, CA is the closest to drive too.

  9. Marla henry says:

    A highlight of my spring. I hate wishing time away but can’t wait for June to be here. Can’t wait for a weekend loaded with lots of creativity!

  10. Susan Malone says:

    Love attending the shows twice a year… one in April and then again in November… gives me time to save money in between! 😃💕✂️💕✂️💕✂️

  11. Karen Kleinert says:

    Already have my ticket and friends to go with cannot wait. Get to touch all the new and interesting things out there that you never see at the stores. Seeing them online is just not the same. Plus you get to see great samples up close and personal. Less than 3 1/2 weeks till fun and spending money on new stuff!

  12. Mary Chamberlain says:

    Stamp & Scrapbook Expo is the most crafter-friendly and focused event I’ve attended in the dozens I’ve been to over 17 years. The staff is friendly and fun. The classes are awesome, and the whole crop set-up is sooooo convenient. Keep up the great work Dave & crew! Cant wait for the crop parties!!!

  13. Lynda Valentine says:

    I would love to attend in Edison, NJ and meet some NJ crafters. None of my friends or family are crafters. Does anyone plan to attend and stay overnight? I’d be willing to share a room. The show is not until Aug. so maybe we could even meet prior.

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