Top 10 Insider Tips

Make the most of your time and money at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

You’ve planned, saved, and worked out your schedule. Now you’re ready to come to Stamp & Scrapbook Expo! These tips will help you increase your chances to win prizes, get more free stuff, and even earn some cash!

10 … Shopping Bag

This one is a no-brainer. Enter your information into the kiosk and get a shopping bag to carry all your fun merchandise! We’ll send you an email later, but we think you’ll be happy to receive more inspiration and also be in-the-know about all the latest information.

9 … Door Prizes

Another easy step! Once you enter your name into the kiosk, you will automatically be entered into our Door Prize giveaway! TIP: If you don’t hear your name called, you can check the winner board and pick up your prize at the Door Prize booth.

8 … Early Bird Shopping

Many of the vendors in the shopping area have early bird specials, so get to the Expo early on Friday for extra sale items. TIP: If you sign up for a Friday workshop online, you get the Early Bird admission for free!

7 … Make & Takes

Several vendors have Make & Takes in their booths. Some you’ll need to pay a small fee for, but others are free. TIP: Check the Show Guide for a listing of all the Make & Takes available and then plan your course of action.

6 … Baggage Check

You’ve shopped, taken a workshop, and your arms are full of Make & Takes, crafting treasures, and workshop kits. Stop by the free baggage check and drop off your bags.  (You may want to slip a dollar to the charity that is running it, but really, you would donate to the cause anyway, and they are certainly saving your back!)

5 … Crops

This is the best way to keep track of your friends and your stuff at Scrapbook Expo. Purchase a crop table and then you have a home base to work from. You can shop a little, come back and look at your treasures, then leave everything at the table, go take a workshop, go get something to eat – you get the idea! Your friends can all do the same, and after shopping and workshops, you get to hang out until midnight getting crafty. There are prizes galore, and if you want to dress in costume or decorate your table, you have even more chances to win. Buying raffle tickets gives you more chances for prizes! You get a $20 crop kit of crafting products, along with a keepsake button. All just for hanging out with your girlfriends at Scrapbook Expo! TIP: Seating is first come in the crop, so if you don’t want to pay for a table together, show up early and seat yourselves together.

4 … Pre-Register Online for a Workshop

If you sign up for a workshop, you get that day’s admission for free. (There is a $2.00 service fee.) However, you just saved $5.00 and earned a keepsake button! TIP: If you sign up for three workshops, you get an additional free gift!

3 … Saturday Scraptacular

This is where the really good prizes are! You come early on Saturday and get a Golden Ticket. Then your peruse the table with all the prizes on it. You choose the prize you want most and put your Golden Ticket in the bucket near that prize. TIP: Not too many people know about this, so your chances of winning are really good!

2 … The Creativity Center

Have a seat and create a FREE Make & Take at the Creativity Center. Plus, you’ll earn one of our Keepsake Buttons. TIP: This is a super easy way to get a Keepsake Button. You’ll want to do the make & take, but even if there’s not an open seat when you stop by and you can’t come back, just ask for a button.

1 … MEGA Make & Take Extravaganza

If you love Make & Takes, you will love this event! Think of it as 8 to 12 mini workshops all in one sitting. No standing in line and no waiting. We bring these exclusive Make & Takes to you. TIP: Not only do you come away with lots of beautiful projects, the vendors presenting the projects often have super sales during this MEGA event. Don’t miss it!

We said 10 ways to maximize your Scrapbook Expo weekend, but there is one more that you really need to know about: Volunteer. We will actually pay you to come to Scrapbook Expo. That’s right! We call them ‘volunteer’ positions, but we pay people to come to Scrapbook Expo. This takes a little pre-planning as you have to sign up ahead of time. But working at Scrapbook Expo for a few hours earns you some cash and free entry to the shopping area. Plus, you earn a Keepsake Button. TIP: Work one shift or several shifts, either way you still get admission and a button.

When you consider it, we are paying you to come to Scrapbook Expo whether you work or not. You get free admission when you buy a workshop, free gifts in the Swag Bag, free Make & Take projects, and free keepsake buttons. All that free stuff is worth much more than the $10 you pay to get in. What a deal!

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Insider Tips

  1. Wanda Carter says:

    How do I sign up to attend this event? What are the requirements? Is there a membership required?
    How many people can come from one store? Sorry, for all the questions.
    Thank you for your help!!

    • mk says:

      Just attend! No membership. This is the highlight of my crafting year. We make it a “girls day out”. Looks of exciting products to look at and buy. I am just sorry since moving out of CA I have to attend in another state – but it’s worth it!

  2. Donn Carey says:

    Would you please email to let me know how registar and the cost of the 3 days in Pomona, California on April 5-7 2018

  3. CIndy Yarnell says:


    You can purchase the tickets on-line when the pre-registration opens on line February 20th at 8 am. Admission tickets will be $8 per day plus the Processing fee of $1. SO if you purchase the Admission tickets for all three days the cost would be $25. This price does not include any of the Crop Events or the workshops.

    If you sign up to get our e-mail notifications you will be sent an e-mail letting you know about the Pe-registration and you will also be sent the link to place your order.

    I have sent you the link for our home page below, once there you will want to click on the “Newsletter Sign-up” on the upper right side of the page.



  4. Cindy M. says:

    When will you be announcing the hotel package for the Grapevine show? I’ve usually received an email by now (even last year when we had a later date for the show). I’ve been on the list, but I haven’t received an email, so I just wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out! We have a group of friends who’ve been planning this since we were at the Grapevine show last year…it’s one of our favorite things to do every year! 🙂

  5. Lea says:

    Is there a forum to introduce ourselves to other attendees? I think this would be especially helpful for any who are coming alone.

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