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Apple Pie Cupcakes

Wow, doesn’t this photo make your mouth water?  With all those wonderful fall apples, it’s time to make something really yummy with them. This fabulous Apple Pie Cupcake is such a great treat for fall! These taste so good, not to mention the lovely aroma of cinnamon and apple baking in your oven. INGREDIENTS: 4 Tablespoons unsalted […]


Boozy Gummy Bear Cupcakes

These festive sweet treats were made for adults but can easily be adapted for the little ones by simply omitting the secret ingredient (gummies soaked in vodka).  The cupcakes themselves are very simple – just funfetti boxed mix topped with whipped vanilla buttercream; you can easily change the flavor to incorporate your favorite. These cupcakes make an awesome presentation that […]

Witches’ Hat Cupcakes

Grab your favorite cupcake recipe and make these adorable witches’ hat cupcake treats for all of your little goblins this Halloween! This is such an adorable treat for a party, school event, or just to have around the house to give to your favorite little guests that stop by. They are so fun and yet […]

Flower Fondant Cookies and Cupcakes

I don’t know about you, but my sugar cookies never look this beautiful! Using fondant frosting will allow you to create these lovely toppers for your cookies or cupcakes.  Believe me, there will not be one left over!  Be sure to stop by Fondant Cupcakes to gather up some fun ideas to create your own cookie […]

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

 If you are a fan of orange dreamsicles, then these cupcakes will be sure to make your mouth water.  They taste so close to the classic ice cream flavor that you will be amazed!  Not only do they taste yummy, but they look fabulous as well.  Give these a try you will be so pleased […]

Fondant Bows

Need a beautiful topper for your cupcakes?  These lovely bows will give that cupcake the final touch – aren’t they just so adorable?  With your fondant and a quick tie of a bow you are almost there.  Hand paint some pretty little flowers and leaves onto the bow and now you have created a breathtaking bow […]

Princess Dress Cupcakes

Do you have a little princess in your home?  This absolutely adorable cupcake dress is sure to put a smile on the face of your sweet little princess when she sees it!   This cupcake dress is sure to be the highlight of the party.  It is much simpler than it appears – just frost your […]