Black and White Wall Tray


With the holidays right around the corner, my mind is flooded with thoughts about what am I going to give who for Christmas. This beautiful wall art tray would be a wonderful warm fuzzy for any loved one on your list. Just carefully measure your photos to fit inside the boxes. (I love the look when a few of the larger photos are split  up into several boxes), then breakout your embellishments and coordinating papers and go to town. Don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand as the embellishments. I always save little pishkys  just for this type of  project. Maybe a charm from a broken bracelet  that your daughter loved, or a tiny toy she had at the bottom of her toy box (she’ll never miss it) , a ribbon she was wearing in her hair. You know what I mean. If you have a few embellishments that are a little heavier or bulky, break out your glue gun. Have fun creating this tray full of  memories.

Well I hope this project has inspired you to make it a home made Christmas!