Fancy Pants Designs Congratulations Banner

Jing-Jing Nickel created this banner from the Off to School line from Fancy Pants Designs.  Add this to any party decor!

Check out the instructions below:


Fancy This: Congrats Banner


June has arrived and with it the graduation season!  Fancy Pants Designs has the most perfect school related collection in Off to School for all kinds of fun projects.  This year, the daughter of a friend of mine at work is graduating from high school. To help out with the celebration, I made a banner for her graduation open house. With Fancy Pants Designs’ Artist Edition Banners and the Off to School collection, I was able to quickly put together this banner.  This is a very quick to make project and I have a few photos to show you just how easy it is to do!

Fancy Pants Designs Supplies:

Off to School: Cards patterned paper

Off to School: New Shoes patterned paper

Off to School: No.2 Pencil patterned paper

Off to School: Measure Up patterned paper

Off to School: School Year patterned paper

Off to School: Learnking patterned paper

Off to School: Book Cover patterned paper

Off to School: Cake Time patterned paper

Off to School: Glitter cuts

Off to School: Rubon-ons

Off to School: Buttons

Artist Edition Banners: Ribbon Edge

Other Supplies:



1. Select patterned papers to be used for the eight banner pieces. Trace the chipboard banner pieces and cut the patterned papers. JJN_Banner-002


2. Cut the patterned paper named “Cards” into 12 pieces of cards and set them aside. JJN_Banner-001



3. Use a solid color patterned paper and cut out the letters using your favorite die-cut machine.

Layer the patterned paper, card, and letter.  Use 3-d adhesives to assemble everything together to give the banner piece dimension.




4. Decorate the banner pieces with rubons, cut-outs, and glitter cuts.



5. Use the ribbon included in the Artist Edition Banners. Cut 7 pieces of ribbons, each about 3 inches.

Connect the banner pieces with the 3-inches ribbons and stitch a button onto them. Cut 2 pieces of ribbons 8 – 12 inches for the ends of the banner for hanging.


With the help of the chipboard banners from the Artist Edition Banners, this really is an easy project to tackle!  I look forward to seeing it hanging at the graduation party for my friend’s daughter!  Here’s to her and all the graduates this time of the year!! Congrats!



Jing-Jing Nickel


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