Gelato Textured Background Tutorial


By Melissa Forsyth


I get asked all the time … what can you do with Gelatos? Hmmm that’s an easy one …


Gelatos are activated with water and can also be rubbed on paper . Since we are doing the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog hop all week I thought that it would be great to do MINI -Tutorials all week long . Maybe you will want to play along with my experimenting !


This is not for those faint at heart and scared to dirty things up ..”I am kidding this stuff comes off without difficulty ”


Lets start with the Back-Ground that I did yesterday . Letterpress is popular and I really do not want to buy ANOTHER machine . So I took the new Embossibilities folders from Spellbinders and because the patterns are so bold we can create a letterpress with them …


Spritz your folder with water … you are not bathing the folder just getting it wet so the Gelato pigment will move across the folder .

(Don’t worry the Gelato pigment will come off the folder with a nail brush and some soap and water )


Take two fabulous colors and mix and smear them all over the solid part of the folder . If the Gelatos leave little chips everywhere you need more water .



Run the paper and the folder through your embossing machine . I prefer to use water color paper (Canson is the brand ) . If you have not run watercolor paper through with an embossing folder (STOP and try it right now) WOW it looks so nice – think of all the possibilities .



Use your fingers and rub and buff in a circular motion to blend the colors you could add a little more Gelato at any time , I added their beautiful pale yellow.

If you want to add some deeper color around the edges and distress it a bit use a deeper color Gelato and spread it with a paint brush .


Have a wonderful creative day …


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