Gelatos on Acrylic!

I saw this great technique on the Design Memory Craft blog, check this out!




Hey hey bloggers Rita Barakat here!



YES! You can use Gelatos® on acrylic!

Today I am showing you three pictures of the same project

because I want to you see it from different angles!

Working with acrylic gives you beautiful results

but sometimes it is hard to photograph! What looks like a mirror above is actually

the reflection of the sky on the acrylic!!!!


At a different angle you can see my door in the background.

To get this look I use a Prima Stencil  with Gesso directly on the acrylic.

Then I colored (scribbled) onto the dry Gesso with my Gelatos®.

I blended the colors together with a little water & paintbrush.

If you wanted to you could add paper behind it, but I like to see some of the clear show through.


Another look!



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