Handmade Flowers in an Hour with Melissa Forsyth

Do you struggle with finding the perfect flower embellishments for your projects? Ever consider learning how to make flower embellishments to alleviate the expense and space of keeping store bought flowers on hand?? For your next scrapbook project or handmade card, why not make your own beautiful flowers. You can do so at a fraction of the cost of the most popular pre-made flowers available!

Now that you’ve decided to start making your own flower embellishments, you might be wondering where to start. Taking a class is always a good option especially for those hands-on moments when you really need to see how a handmade flower is put together. But which one should you take? Well I’ve come across a great Scrapbook Expo class you don’t want to miss: Flowers for an Hour with Melissa Forsyth from The Rubber Cafe.


During this one hour class you’ll explore how to create beautiful handmade flowers using many different mediums and textiles such as ribbon, tulle, fabric, and paper to create simply stunning flowers. You’ll also be working with baby wipes and watercolor plus learning tips and tricks such as how to use the very versatile Scrap Happy Sheer Glue.


This Flowers for an Hour class is offered on Friday and Saturday at 9:00am. at all the Scrapbook Expo’s. You might want to sign up early though as these classes tend to fill up fast. Simple click here to view all the details about this flower class. Pre-registration price is only $24 and $26 at the door!


So if you’d like to learn how to make handmade flowers to suit your needs than the Flowers for an Hour class is a must.


For more information about locations and times for this class, go to www.scrapbookexpo.com


By Michele Ciola