Melissa Frances: Designer Focus

Melissa Frances creates timeless and vintage-inspired crafting products.  Her paper crafts are considered beautiful now and they will still be beautiful in 10 years from now.  The scrapbook you created 10 years ago with her products are still beautiful today and you can add to your scrapbook with new Melissa Frances products without thinking twice about how they will coordinate.


I spoke with Melissa today and she (admittedly) gave me tongue-in-cheek responses.  She mentioned that if you want a “serious” bio about her to visit her web page 🙂  This interview was short, sweet and sassy – draw your own conclusions!


Where are you from?   What are your roots?

Toronto Canada.  Melissa is married she has 3 girls, he has 3 boys (kind of like the Brady Bunch) and shares her time in both the US and Canada.  Her girls, one sister and her parents still live in Canada.


How did you get started?

I don’t really remember I have been creating all my life and somewhere or sometime I just started selling it and presto here I am.


How has your art changed over your career?

Not much really, vintage is my genre and it just never goes out of style just reinvents itself.


What is your focus now?

We are doing much more with altered art products and home decor.


What brings you joy?

Waking up everyday and doing what I love, how did I get so lucky?


What inspires you?

Too many things to list but mostly anything old. That will be me too soon as I turn 50 this summer, lol.


What inspires your art?

Shabby chic meets antiques, add some pink and change it up and you have Melissa Frances.


Who has been most influential in your career and why?

My parents first as they taught me to appreciate antiques and encouraged me to express myself with art. My husband Brian has helped me more than he will ever know to keep me level and teach me about the other side of business.  Brian quote “If you can’t turn your inventory there is no need to design anything new”. (smile)

Favorite quote?

Weebles wobble but don’t fall down.   (my philosophy on life you can knock me over but I will not fall down.)


Favorite medium?

scissors and glue. ( I know but really if you have these you can do almost anything.)


Favorite color?



Favorite room in your house?  Why?

Bedroom I have to admit I love to sleep.


Favorite object?  Why?

Ocean I can never stop looking at it.



My dog Lacey, my baby beagle.


Blatant product plug?

Timeless Vintage Inspired Designs by Melissa Frances


Any summer CHA previews?

New paper line called “Count down to Christmas”


What’s next?

Something awesome as we are changing a lot up next year but sorry it is still top secret! lol


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