Paper Weaving Tutorial

These photos help explain paper weaving.


from Pretty Little Studio


  • Cut a piece of card stock to 4.5 X 4.5. You then want to cut in ½ inch increments to as close to the edge as possible.
  •  Next cut  4.5 X ½ inch strips. Cut six strips. I used three different patterned papers on my card. Start by weaving the strip at the end of the cut cardstock up and down as shown:

  • Next move this strip up to the top as shown and use a small piece of double sided to tape at each end of the paper strip
  • Continue to the same for the next 5 strips, remembering to alternate. You should have a cute, weaved square after completing the weaving.
  • Adhere the weaved square onto the base of the card. I made a 5 X 5 card.  Add two small strips at the top and the bottom of the weaved square. Layer the embellishments at the bottom corner by using foam tape.


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