Photo Frame Stocking Holders

What a darling way to hang your stockings and display adorable pictures of your family, friends, or even your pets at Christmas time.  I love to display my grandchildren sitting on Santa’s lap, but there are always so many decorations sitting out, that there is no place to display them.  My problem has been fixed!

These are so fun to make out of old frames, and you can paint or decorate them in the color of your choice.    Have you ever heard about Shanty 2 Chic?  You need to go to their great blog and see the talent of these girls.  Check out the wonderful ideas that they have.  Thank you Shanty Sisters for sharing your talents for us to enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I found this fun blog with the directions on how to make these fun Picture Frame Stocking Holders by revamping your old ones.  You can go to  to see the different  and amazing projects that they have taken and revamped.

Here are the directions to make these cute photo frame stocking holders yourself:

Take the fuzzy stuff off the bottom of the your old holder. It peels right off. Save it so you can reuse it.  Then take out the little screw and removed the weight.

       Under the weight, there are little screws that hold the letter onto the holder. Remove these.

Find or purchase frames in the size you desire (I used 8X5), then remove all the backs and glass from them.

Now have fun and spray the hooks and frames all with RUSTOLEUM (Satin Classic, low-sheen finish) in the color of your choice.

When the frames dry then scuff them up a bit with medium grit sandpaper.

 Screw the weight back into the bottom of the holders and stick the fuzzy stuff back on. Then apply GOOP glue or Gorilla glue, and spread it on the top of the holder to attach the frame.

 Rubber band them together to hold until they are dry. (About 2-3 hrs.)

Now your have completed your project you can place them on the fire place. If you have little children they will be able to spot their stocking on Christmas morning without a problem.

Thank you  again Shanty Sisters and Cinnaberry Suite for sharing this wonderful project.

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