Scrapbooking Style – Just Where You Are

There are more and more pages and challenges like this “out there” on the web lately.  I like this trend.  It takes a hobby that we love and simplifies it.


Scrapbook just where you are.  Or scrapbook a day in life.  No hunting through hundreds of photos, the pictures don’t have to be perfect.  They just are what they are.  Put them in a scrapbook to commemorate your life, just like it is.


This gal, Noell Hyman, decided to make note of some important accomplishments to her:



Kim Watson made this page that just tells a little bit about her life.  There is more on Kim here:



This page, created by Lisa Spiegel, is about items she loves.

More of Lisa’s work can be found here:



KimR+ posted this on DesignerDigitals based on a challenge and a product line called Project Life.


So, are you going to start scrapping something, just where you are???