#ScrapChat with Eileen Hull

Where are you from?   Monroe, NY.


What are your roots?  Small town.


How did you get started?  I always loved making things. My 3 sisters and I made our own paper dolls, furniture and houses and play for hours at it. My mother must have loved that!


How has your art changed over your career?  I started out my crafting career by matting and framing cross stitch samplers and wound up with lots of left over scraps of matboard that I couldn’t stand to throw out. I started making fun three dimensional boxes, books and folders. But the problem was they took so long! Everything had to be carefully measured and cut. So I approached Sizzix with the idea of making a die that could cut and score thicker material so the results would be perfect every time. That’s how my line of ScoreBoard dies came to be! One of the things I love about them is that they work well with any style and provide a great surface for inks, stamps, paint, distressing, and mixed media. You asked about how my art has changed over my career, and I would have to say not too much. Still loving 3D stuff 🙂


What is your focus now?  I am working on another Sizzix collection due out in January 2014. I also just got a book proposal accepted and we are finalizing the contract right now.


What brings you joy?  I love going down to my studio and making things. You never know what fun things will come out when you start mixing materials together and combining them in different ways.


What inspires you?  Right now, architecture and nature. I am on the island of St. Kitts as I write this and have been madly snapping photos as we tour the island. Each house is different- no one here is afraid of color- and the ironwork and moldings are unique. The flowers and foliage are also lush and beautiful.



What inspires your art?  Everything!


Who has been most influential in your career and why?  My mom- because she always had a new project going. Even if she wasn’t sure how to do it, she would give it a whirl. We bought our house at auction. My mom found a box of quilt squares in the attic and decided to make a quilt. She has tried her hand at rug hooking, oil painting, and lots of home repair projects but always seems to come back to sewing and knitting. She is quite talented and I am so glad she passed on the love of “making” to me!


Favorite quote? 

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk ~ Thomas Alva Edison.


Favorite medium?  Matboard- it is such a great base for any project- inks, paint, stamps, glitter… You can also emboss it, distress it, cut and score. It’s the all purpose medium!


Favorite color?  Aqua.


Favorite place?  The beach.


Favorite room in your house?  My studio.  Why?  Even though it is a complete diaster right now (and usually), I love going there because that’s where I feel at home. I usually have about 4-5 projects going on at one time and I go from project to project. If I get stuck, I go on to the next and everything seems to sort itself out while I am working. If I am upset, I go down there for therapy 🙂 If I am happy, I make fun things. Time spent there is always good.



Favorite object?  My Big Shot- I use it every day- you wouldn’t believe the things I put through that machine and it just keeps rolling…


Pets?  My daughter’s pit bull Lexi comes to stay with us a lot and she is a sweetie.


Blatant product plug?  I hope you all will try my Sizzix dies and embossing folders. 🙂 There are so many things you can do with them. I am really excited about the From the Heart collection  shipping in January.


Any new products on the horizon you can share??  A new Sizzix collection is being released at CHAW 13 and I love this one! I am also working with a new partner but can’t spill the beans yet- sorry 🙂


What’s next?  I am working on a new book so that will occupy a lot of my time for the next 6 months or so…. more dies and who knows? That’s why I love what I do. Every day is an adventure and filled with possibilities! What a life 🙂


Blog:  http://eileenhull.blogspot.com/