#ScrapChat with Queen & Co

Queen & Co regularly exhibits at Scrapbook Expo.  Their products are in most scrapbook and crafting stores.   You probably have some of their Trendy Tape or Twinkle Goosebumps in your stash.  I was able to get to know Wendy Carmichael, owner of Queen & Co. a little better through this interview!


Where are you from?

Born in Los Angeles, raised in San Diego





How did you get started?

I started with $3000 investment in 1/8″ round eyelets and my Ebay account. That was in 2003.


What problem(s) were solved by using your product?

My products tend to add depth and interest to scrapbook pages or cards.



What obstacles did you need to overcome to get where you are today?

Fear of failure, hands down.


What was your worst mistake?

Mixing friendship and business.


How did you overcome it?

Learned to keep business and friendships separate.



What was your proudest moment?

Releasing my cosmetic themed embellishments in 2006.


How did you get there?

It took me over a year to develop that product.. countless hours and time.. I got there by refusing to give up!



Who has been most influential in your career and why?

My parents.. they taught me how to be an entrepreneur and encouraged me to start Queen.


How has your company changed over time?

Queen started out selling just eyelets, then eyelets and brads and then all type of embellishments. We dabble a little in paper but we try to stay true to our embellishment roots.



What is your focus now?

Product for 2013 is my current obsession..


What brings you joy?

Family, friends, business and orange Tic Tacs.


What inspires you?

I find inspiration in so many things from websites to catalogs to clothes people are wearing in the grocery store. Its everywhere!


What’s next for your company?

New product lines for CHA Winter and other fun goodies!


What’s next for our industry?

I wish I knew…



Favorite quote?

“Laugh or cry.. its all the same”


Favorite place?



Favorite room in your house?  Why?

The patio.. which isnt exactly a room, but I have a small outdoor loveseat on the patio so its going to qualify as a room! I love it because it overlooks the 13th hole of a golf course and its quiet and peaceful, until the golfers show up. Fore!


Favorite object?  Why?

My car.. Ive always been a car girl!


Any new products on the horizon you can share??

We are working on whole new line of products which will branch us into a new industry! But no worries, crafters will love these too! Stay tuned…



A little bit more about the company:

Queen & Co has manufactured over 1000 unique embellishments since inception. In 2006 we proudly presented the Colour Collection, which cleverly combined the beauty of makeup with a love for scrapbooking. Designed to have the look of your favorite cosmetic line, the Colour Collection included innovative products tucked inside signature, reusable packaging. This was the most difficult product line Ive ever created (took over a year to configure), but my absolute favorite! In 2007, we introduced felt to the scrapbooking world with the release of Felt Fusion. Beautiful, intricately cut felt backed with easy to use adhesive.


In 2012, Queen & Co will unveil the Twenty Twelve produce line which introduces amazing new Trendy Tape, Twisted Twine and Twinkle to the paper craft market.


Website:  http://www.queenandcompany.com/


Blog:  http://www.queenandcompany.com/blog/


Facebook Contest!

Queen & Co. has made the leap onto Facebook! To welcome everyone and thank them for support, Queen & Co. are going to give one lucky friend a “Tower of Tape”!!!