Acorn Donut Holes

Fall is definitely in the air.  Why not make a fun fall treat that will surely impress your friends and family!  They are the perfect little biteful treat for Halloween or just a quick snack before Thanksgiving dinner.

Acorn Donut Holes


  • Glazed doughnut holes
  • Chocolate Sprinkles and/or Crumbled Toffee
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Nutella Spread (or you can use peanut butter or chocolate frosting too)


1.  Spoon out Nutella, Sprinkles, Toffee Crumbles, and Pretzel Sticks into four separate bowls.

Acorn Donut Holes

2.   Dip the top 1/3 of the donut hole into the Nutella then choose either the toffee crumbles or the sprinkles and dip the Nutella-covered area of the donut hole into one of those.

Acorn Donut Hole

3.  Insert a pretzel stick in the top center of the donut hole.  This will be your acorn stem.  Place on a attractive serving tray and there you have your wonderful little acorns for your party.

Acorn Donut Holes

I’d like to thank the originator of this idea, but it’s hard to tell whom it was, so thank you to:

Juneberry Lane

Gracious Rain

Disney’s Family Time magazine