Countdown To Halloween

What a fun and creative idea to make for your front porch, or even your front yard for Halloween.  This is one of those cute decorations that will get a second look. A great way to count down the days for Halloween.  Just grab your large chipboard letters or a large stencil and you have your wording!

Porch Decoration

Cut out 15 pieces of cedar wood about 4 ft long.  Nail the pieces into a 6 foot piece of cedar on the back.  With your chipboard letters or Stencil letters trace and color in your wording.  Add a 12 x 12 chalk board and some fun embellishments such as spiders, webs, banners and you have just created you a very fun count down Halloween decoration for your porch or yard.

Creativity involves in breaking out of your traditional style.  Take a look at your project in a different way, and never hesitate to try something new.


  • Cedar wood approximately 8 feet long x 6  inches wide
  • Black Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • 12 x 12 Chalkboard
  • Stencil or Chipboard for lettering
  • Halloween Embellishments