Crafting is Easier with Kellycraft

Do you struggle with getting your pictures, brads, ribbons or other embellishments to line up straight?   This amazing tool from Kellycraft will help take the guesswork out of aligning multiple elements.  Using this will make your craft experience so much more efficient & enjoyable. After all there is no room in our craft world for undue frustration. 🙂

Kelly Craft

I couldn’t imagine crafting without this product; it is one of my absolute favorites.  I can’t even begin to tell what a time saver this little gem can be.  You will find yourself getting so much more accomplished and we all know more time means more crafting;-)

This tool retails for $69.95  You can buy it on-line at  kellycraftinnovation and lucky for you they now have a white box special for only $49.95 (while supplies last).

Not only for paper crafts, this tool is also a must have for all you quilters.  Perfect blocks all lined up in a STRAIGHT Line is certainly a beautiful thing 😉  We all know how important straight lines are to a quilter.

 As a fellow quilter myself, I find that to get my squares to line up perfectly they have to be cut straight.  By using the laser square from Kellycraft my quilting experience is certainly much more enjoyable, not to mention my quilts now have a more polished look. All my seams line up perfectly.  I’d be lost without this wonderful tool in my office.  I have always felt like saving time is saving money and that is just what this tool can help you do.

The Mutli-Mat is new from Kellycraft.  It’s a mat with a multi-purpose work surface that was specifically designed to integrate with the Get-It-Straight Laser Square.  This magnetic mat is a perfect work surface for all of your projects.


 The backing is cushioned to support even stamping, and has a safe surface for setting eyelets or using a piercing tool.  This retails for $49.95.

 Watch this video for an overview of how to use the Get-It-Straight Laser Square.

Be sure and visit their blog Kellycraftinnovations for some inspirational ideas.