Denim Pocket Frame

Need some more storage places for those everyday tools?  How darling and convenient is this to have a cute frame or two hanging by your desk area to organize your tools, scissors, pencils, etc.   Wow organization and cuteness at the same time!

Denim Pocket Frame

 I found this amazing project on Lori Allred’s Blog, Allred Design and just had to share this.  To begin you will take a picture frame of your choice and paint it to match your office, or an area where you will hang it.  Use a cork back to adhere your fabric to.  Next you will take your denim pockets and arrange them to your fabric, and sew them so they are very sturdy.  Last you will wrap your material around your cork  and staple the back so material is very tight.  (If desired you can add some embellishments around the pockets)  Now just hang on the wall, add your supplies, and you have yourself a great organizing frame.

Creativity involves in breaking out of your traditional style.  Take a look at your project in a different way, and never hesitate to try something new.


  • Frame
  • Cork or wooden Back for Frame
  • Paint
  • Denim Pockets
  • Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Embellishments