Make Your Valentine’s Day Eggs-tra Special

Truthfully, I’ve never thought about shaping a hard-boiled egg, but we found this cute idea on a blog by Anna the Red and she was gracious enough to allow us to share it.

Her first post of this type shows how to make cube shaped & pyramid-shaped hard-boiled eggs (see how to mold a hard-boiled egg.)  Anna said “It was a lot of fun making the molds, but some of you must be thinking “Yeah, but that’s a lot of work to make a mold for a hard-boiled egg…” and I completely agree. I’m just a nut. So I’ll show you a very easy & popular method to mold a hard-boiled egg in Japan.”

This tutorial looks pretty easy – I think I may actually try this one!

How make a heart shaped egg <3


– Egg

– Milk carton or any juice carton (cut open, washed well and dried)

– Chopstick (round one is ideal)

– Rubber bands

Step 1: Cut milk carton and fold it in half lengthwise.

How make a heart shaped egg <3
This is all you need. (besides an egg) The milk carton is about 3″ X 8″.

Step 2: Make a hard-boiled egg.

Step 3: While the egg is still warm, peel the egg and put the egg on the milk carton, place a chopstick on the center of the egg, and put rubber bands on the both ends.

How make a heart shaped egg <3
If you don’t have a round chopstick maybe you can put a skewer inside a straw and use it. (If you use a disposable chopstick, the middle part of the heart will probably look funky.)
How make a heart shaped egg <3
Make sure the egg is freshly boiled and warm. Otherwise the egg might break from the pressure.
How make a heart shaped egg <3
It’s hard to see but you want the chopstick to dig into the egg.

Step 4: Leave it for about 10 minutes. (Keep the egg in the fridge if it’s summer time.)

Step 5: Take the chopstick off and cut the egg in half.

How make a heart shaped egg <3
Hard boiled eggs are so soft, smooth and easily modified.
How make a heart shaped egg <3
It’s cute as is.
How make a heart shaped egg <3
But the heart-shaped yolk makes it even more adorable! Also every pair is very unique, so no other pair is like it!
Kind of romantic, isn’t it?
How make a heart shaped egg <3
You can put them in the bento just as they are.
How make a heart shaped egg <3
Or you can cut the bottom of the egg to make them stand.

This is great for beginners of both kyaraben makers and eaters. It doesn’t require any special technique or ingredients. Also I think it can be awesome finger food at a party. You don’t need a special mold so you can make a lot of them at the same time. Put seasoning on the top like salt, egg, ketchup, anything to dress them up or you can make deviled eggs with them.  It’s easy, and a delicious way to tell someone how much you <3 them. :)

Check out How to make a heart-shaped egg on my flickr

For more pictures of my bento, visit Bento! set and Bento details! set on my Flickr page.

If you have any questions about any of my how-to’s, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at AnnaTheRed[at]!

I want to say a huge “Thank You” to Anna for sharing!

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  1. Nanthicha says:

    Adorable! Almost makes me want to reconsider egg salad. I’d ptetry much add tuna or chicken to either one of those recipes and call it delicious though.You guys are really coming into your own with these videos. Each week is better and better.

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