iRock Hot-Fix Gem Setting Tool from Imaginisce

The iRock hot-fix gem setting tool is multi-faceted. The battery-powered tool conducts heat through the tip and channels it through to the back of the gem where the adhesive melts and then fuses to paper, fabric, wood, or other porous surfaces.  Add bling to about anything.

Just imagine.

Here is the link to the i-rock program and inspiration on the web site:

Imaginisce is running their own giveaway too, the Super Duper Tool Giveaway!  The Grand Prize winner will receive one of each of the tools shown – that would be a nice prize pack to win! This contest runs until the 10th of March.

Here is the link to the Imaginisce Giveaway:

And here is the link to our Giveaway:

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One thought on “iRock Hot-Fix Gem Setting Tool from Imaginisce

  1. Barbara MacAskill says:

    WOW this is getting better and better every day! I would love to be 1 of 100! I am enjoying seeing all the different products and companies! Some are old friends and some are sure to become new ones! As they say:

    1 is silver and the other is gold!

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