I discovered this stunning layout on the Such A Pretty Mess Blog and knew I had to share.  I recommend stopping by for a long visit you will truly be inspired.

What first caught my eye where these unique handmade polymer clay embellishments, they work beautifully with the Bo Bunny Metal Trinkets.

 polymer clay embellishments

Clay heart

Step #1:  Soften and roll out a 1″ piece of black polymer clay.  Cut a heart shape out with a blade knife.  Now take a small piece of the black clay and roll out into a thin strip, and roll out a number of small ball shapes.  Apply to the piece with gentle pressure (when it bakes it adheres well to the base piece).

 Turquoise Pearlex

Step #2:  Using a paint brush apply the Turquoise Pearl Ex (Mica Powder) to the base of the piece (Gabrielle used two colors….see below).  Be sure to get the Pearl Ex right to the edges.

Step #3:  You can add an additional color in and just softly blend them .  I love the turquoise and sage green blended together. The gold really highlights all the fine details.

Step #4:  Using your finger, dab it in the Pearl Ex and just run it along the raised design you created, this is the fun part, the contrast of the metallic colors is just magical! ….You can add your metal accents now if you wish but don’t add your jewels to it unless they are glass because they will melt in the oven when you bake-off the piece.   Bake in a 275 F oven for 15 minutes (use a disposable foil tray for this, you don’t want to use something that you will later cook with)

Step #5: Once your piece has cooled, spray it with a protective clear coat (If you don’t have clear coat spray on hand you can also use hairspray, it works well!)  Now you can add any pearl or gem accents and glue on your metal accents if you didn’t bake them with the piece.  It’s recommended  that you spray the back of the piece with a protective coat to protect the scrap paper in case any residual oils come off of the polymer clay.

Experiment with different shapes, try using stamps and small and large glass beads. Have fun with it, the possibilities are endless. I would like to thank Gabrielle for allowing us to share this wonderful technique with you. Be sure to stop by her blog A Pretty Mess to see  more of her very talented designs. Wait to you see some of the other polymer clay embellishments using glass beads & misc trinkets.


  • Polymer Clay, Sculpy, Fimo or Store Brand (Gabrielle used black)

Sculpey Black Polymer Clay

  • Aztec Gold Pearl Ex Powder Pigment (Jacquard Products #658 $4.47) or Perfect Pearls Mica Powder
  • Spring Green Pearl Ex Powder Pigment (Jacquard Products #685 $4.47)
  • Turquoise Pearl Ex Powder Pigment (Jacquard Products #686 $4.25)

Pearl Ex Aztec Gold Jacquard Products     Spring Green Pearl Ex Jacquard Products     Pearl Ex Turquoise Jacquard Products

  • Gabrielle Metal Trinkets (Bo Bunny $4.21)
  • Alora Trinkets (Bo Bunny $4.91)

TRC128 Country Garden trinkets Bo Bunny     TRA418 Alora Trinkets Bo Bunny

From Your Stash:

  • Blade knife for trimming
  • Patterned paper
My hope for you is to be fearless when it comes to your creativity, to try new things and most important to have fun!
Thanks for visiting and have very creative day.

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