Paper Pieced Girl with Heart Card


Do you ever see a project and think, I would love to make that, but . . .

Well, when I saw this card, made by Lin Brandyberry on her blog for The Craft’s Meow, and I thought, “I’d love to make that, but I don’t have the patience to do all that fussy cutting.”

Boy, was I wrong!

I recreated this card with my own supplies and tried to piece just the heart.  I was convinced that I would never want to try this technique any more than that.  Well, once I made the heart, then I wanted to add a paper-pieced bow to the girls hair, and then add a bow to the back of her dress, and then, oh, that dress needed to be pieced too. . .

Stamping different portions of the image onto different pattern papers and cutting them out turned out to be really creatively inspiring and that cutting was sort of “zen” time for me.

I really enjoyed it!

So, next time, I’m going to just try it.

Who knows, you may find a technique that you really enjoy too.


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