Penny for Your Thoughts? Or Penny for Your Pocket?

These adorable little Pennie Pockets are such a cute idea for a Valentine surprise. Fill these with treats and lots of love. You can give them as a gift, use for a home decoration, or put on a front door handle… ring the doorbell… and RUN!

1. Select 4 slices of Layer Cake (4 – 10″x10″ pieces) and cut each piece diagonally once for your outer pocket and liner pocket pieces.

2. Arrange your outer pocket and liner triangles into four units.

3. Select 2 slices of Layer Cake (2- 10″x10″ pieces) and cut in half horizontally and then in half vertically to yield eight 5″ squares for prairie points and yo-yo’s. Arrange 2 groups – four pieces for prairie points, and 4 pieces for yo-yo’s. Make four yo-yo’s according to the directions from your Clover yo-yo maker (or use your favorite yo-yo making method if no Clover tool is used).

4. Make 4 prairie points total by diagonally folding the wrong sides together of each 5″ square. Press. Fold over again diagonally. Press.

5. Cut four 1½” x 16″ pieces from two Honey Bun strips. (two from each strip)

6. Fold and press handle strip in half lengthwise with wrong side inside. Open and press long edges to center. Refold in half and press. Repeat for all handle strips. Top-stitch on outer edges to finish handles.

7. Pin a prairie point on center on it’s raw edge to the edge of the outer pocket piece. Pin raw edges of handle on each side of the prairie point.

8. Tuck the handle ends half way under the prairie point.

9. Pin liner pocket piece to outer pocket piece. Sew a 1/4″ seam to join pieces. Back-stitch beginning and end of seam.

10. Press unit towards the liner piece. Flip one pressed side about an inch in the opposite pressing direction and press (see photo in step 13). This will help your unit nest nicely in the step 12.

11. Tuck handle under prairie point. This will help keep your handle from migrating into the seam in the next step.

12. Fold over diagonally, right sides together. Stitch a ¼” seam around edge, stopping about an inch past the turn (right blue pin). Leave about a 3″ opening for turning, and continue stitching the edge (after left blue pin). Back-stitch all beginning and ending stitches.

13. Trim all corner points about ⅛” from seam to reduce bulk after turning.

14. Turn unit inside out. A chop-stick makes for a great turning/pointy poking tool, especially if it’s cute like my little strawberry one. Pin turn-opening closed, and top-stitch or whip-stitch edges closed.

15. Sew a pearl bead to a yo-yo center. Secure with knot. Sew yo-yo to the bottom point of the prairie point. Secure with a knot and hide thread tail between prairie point layers.

16. To attache dangle beads, take your chop-stick or turning tool and make sure liner point is as far down into the pocket as possible. With needle and thread, exit needle at the pennie’s point. Thread 3 beads, from large to medium to small. Make a “u-turn” and thread back into medium and then large bead. Pull taught (but not too taught). Enter the needle back into the pennie’s point and knot-off and hide thread tail in between layers of fabric.

17. Fill with candy, love coupons, sewing tools/notions, flowers, Cheeze-It’s, etc.



  • 6 slices of a Moda Layer Cake (6 – 10″ x 10″ squares). Sweet by Urban chicks featured.
  • 2 strips (2 – 1½” strips) from a roll of Sweet Honey Buns.


  • Pearl beads in assorted sizes.


  • Optional: Clover “Large” (orange) Yo-Yo maker.

 What a fun sewing project.  Hope you have an amazing time creating this to give to that someone special!