DIY Snowman – Make it From Regular Household Items

What a fun project to make on a cold winter day.  This is a Do It Yourself easy project just made from old socks, baby pajamas, rice, felt, and a glue gun.

Steps are shown and listed below how to create this fun snowman.


  •  Old sock, baby pajamas
  •  Rice for the filling
  •  Some black, sparkling beads for the eyes
  •  A toothpick
  •  Orange paint for the nose
  •  Three rubber bands
  •  Three beads for buttons
  •  Two felt flowers
  •  Hot glue gun


  1. Start with the pajama leg.  Cut it off and turn it inside out.  Wrap a rubber band very tight around one of the ends and turned the leg back to right side.
  2. Fill the leg with rice and close it with the second rubber band.
  3. Take your third rubber band and wrap it around the center, this divides the snowman in half for the belly and head.
  4. Snowman’s sweater:  Cut off a part of your old sweater’s sleeve.  To prevent from fraying on the end of the fabric, hem the edges by simply using a hot glue gun.
  5. Thread the sock around the neck with ribbon or string, and around the hat.  Cinch them tight and tie in a knot.
  6. Last, adhere your eyes, nose (toothpick painted orange), buttons on chest, and flowers to hat and sweater.

There you have it!  A fun snowman with his cozy hat and warm sweater will decorate your home throughout the cold winter.

One thought on “DIY Snowman – Make it From Regular Household Items

  1. Colleen Martineau says:

    soooo cute, i love it and i’m going to make one this week. i will probably use beans instead of rice. thanks…

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