Which Adhesive Works Best on Acrylic?

Susan Frase from Clear Scraps shares her expertise on which adhesives work best when working with Acrylic.  When it comes to making these projects, they are so beautiful, but they will fall apart if you don’t use the right adhesive.  Watch this Tip of the Day to learn more!

For more information and inspiration from Clear Scraps, you can click on over to their website or blog.

2 thoughts on “Which Adhesive Works Best on Acrylic?

  1. Susan English says:

    I enjoyed the video on adhesives, but I was hoping they would demonstrate how to keep the bottle in good condition. After the first use, it is a battle to keep the hole opened.

    • Diana Opiela says:

      Hi Susan, Most of these experts actually use an old-fashioned straight pin. For a larger hole, use a straight pin with a ball end. Another tip is to keep it clean after you are done crafting. I’ll mention this for our next Tip of the Day series. Thanks and good luck!

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