Beautiful Paper Hydrangeas

Do you share a love of flowers, Hydrangeas in particular? Then you are going to love today’s inspiration piece. This is one of those projects that might take a bit of patience but as you can see the end result is well worth it. I’d like to send out a huge thanks to Lia Griffith for sharing her gorgeous design with us.


Lia came up with the idea of a floral wire structure of 30 strands each to make the bloom. After you have this ready, the rest is easy! Hoping that you have a die cut & machine or you will be hand cutting 60-90 little flowers for each hydrangea head. but it really is worth it. The thing I love about hydrangeas, real or paper, is that each lush head takes a lot of space, both physically and visually. So just a few of these intricate flowers make a real statement.


For the blooms Lia used a metallic paper from, Ice Silver on which she painted the pale green centers and Opal to give a pale yellow background to the blue wash. For the leaves she chose the dark green of Botanic. On the smaller blooms 60 petals were used , which is two sheets of paper and for the larger Lia used 90 petals, which were cut from three sheets of paper. Each flower has three leaves glued under the base of the dome. You can add more leaves on separate stems of wire if you would like extra greenery in your bouquet. For the stems Lia used a 12 inch floral wire that is 18 gage though 20 or 22 are fine to use too. You can find these wires in your craft store floral section. You will need 30 stems of wire for both sizes of bloom. You can use just about any coloring medium to add a hint of color to your paper petals. 

If you are feeling brave and want to give this fun project a try & I hope you do,  I recommend stopping by Lia’s blog where she has a great easy to follow tutorial with photos taking you step by step through the entire flower.

Thanks for the visit & I hope you have a very creative  day.


Amber-Sheets     icesilver     Opal-Sheets


Supplies Used (Not Shown):

  • Green Floral Wire
  • Pot for Flowers