Chocolate Leaf Cupcake

These wonderful fall cupcakes are so amazing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share them with you. I’d like to thank Beth from Tricks Of The Trade for sharing her secret way of  making Chocolate Leaf Cupcakes. Be sure to visit Beth anytime you need some sweet inspiration.

Chocolate Leaf Cupcake


  • Wilton Melts Yellow
  • Wilton Melts Orange
  • Wilton Melts Red
  • Wilton Melts Brown
  • Favorite Cupcake Recipe
  • Favorite Frosting Recipe


Beth found leaves that were the right size and shape, then she cleaned the leaves up. She put red, yellow, orange, and brown Wilton’s Melts in separate bowls. Once melted, she used them to make streaks of colors across the leaves and blended them with a paint brush. She let them dry just a little before covering with a second layer of the brown to hold it all together. When they were completely dry, she carefully peeled off the real leaf to see the beautiful imprint. Make your favorite recipe for your cupcakes and frost them, then add these beautiful leaves to the top for a fun fall treat.

Sit back and enjoy the compliments you will receive from these unique cupcakes.

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