Color and Pattern Coordinating with Multiple Layers by Perfect Paper Crafting

There are so many great patterns and colors of paper out on the market today and they are just begging matched and layered!

Layers are what really make your pictures, tags, quotes and flags pop. Getting one perfectly straight layer is not easy to do… let alone multiple straight layers! That’s why Perfect Layers tools from Perfect Paper Crafting are so great!

Multiple Layers Perfect Paper Crafting 1

Perfect Layers tools are designed to help paper crafters make perfectly spaced, perfectly straight, perfectly even layers each and every time!

Perfect Layers works on a patented catch lip system and there is NO MEASURING needed to get perfect layers as thin as 1/16th of an inch!

Perfect Paper Crafting Layers 2

Perfect Layers tools come in 2 sizes. Our original Perfect Layers tools are great for Scrapbooking! They come in a set of 3 and are 12inches in length giving you 10 different border widths from 1/16th up to 1 inch.

The new Mini version is 7 inches in length and gives you 8 different measurements from 1/16th to 5/8th inch borders. The Minis are perfect for small jobs and crafting on the go! They even come in their very own storage case.

Perfect Layers tools really do make a difference while crafting, they are easy to use and give you a “Perfect”layer every time.

Perfect Paper Crafting Layers 3

For this project I used our Original 12-inch Perfect Layers tools.

1)     I started by matting the photo with black and white text paper and using the 1/8th of an inch measurement on the Perfect Layers tool #1.

Multiple Layers Perfect Paper Crafting 4

2)     I then placed this layer on the floral paper using the last layer I made (the black and white text paper) as the guide. I used our ½ inch measurement from Perfect Layers tool #2 to get a perfect ½ inch floral mat.

3)    Using the same method I placed the double matted picture on some coordinating orange paper and used that last layer as a guide. I used the 5/16th of an inch measurement on the Perfect Layers tool #1to get a perfect 5/16th inch orange mat.

4)     I finished it off by putting the triple matted image on a nice jet-black paper and used the 1/16”from Perfect Layers tool #2 to create a perfect 1/16th inch mat around this whole element.  The Original full size tools are 12″long and are great for scrapbooking.

Perfect Layers tools are also great for matting Banners!

Since these banners are small I decided to use our Perfect Layers Mini tools to quickly whip around the edges of these flags.

Multiple Layers Perfect Paper Crafting 5

This is one of my favorite techniques you can do with our tools.  I double mat the flags using the 1/16” for the colored layers and 1/16” for the black layers around all of the banners.

I also used our Perfect Layers Mini tools to add 1/6th inch black layers under the cluster of embellishments at the top of my page.

Multiple Layers Perfect Paper Crafting 6

I have found the layers really make the pictures and embellishments stand out and give my page layouts great depth… and it’s so easy to do using Perfect Layer tools!

Layout created by Laura Lynn for Perfect Paper Crafting.

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