Cracked Marble Necklace

Cracked marbles are not a new thing to the crafting world, but if you are like me, and haven’t given them a shot yet, now is the time. This is one of those easy inexpensive projects that yields amazing results.  I’d like to send out a big thank you to Linda, author of the It All Started With Paint Blog, for sharing her version of this fun project. Be sure to stop by her blog anytime you need a burst of inspiration. 

Cracked Marble Necklace

You start out with clear marbles (you can even find them at the Dollar Store) & bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Then you immediately dump them in ice cold water into a metal container. 

The extreme temperature difference makes them crack on the inside but not on the outside.

How cool is that!


Now it’s time to create a fun necklace. You will need some eye pins, jump rings & some bead caps. You can easily find these supplies at most craft stores It makes the process a bit easier if you have a set of jewelry pliers to bend the eye pin..If not you can raid the hubbies tool box for some needle nose pliers. 😉


Now thread the eye pin through the bead cap. Then cut the excess wire & created a loop inside the ball cap to hold it in place. This is where the jewelry pliers come in handy. Add a generous amount of E6000 glue to the inside of the bead cap & adhere bead cap to top of the marble.

Marble with bead cap

Add a jump ring to the loop, which allows the marble pendant to hang straight.

 Add your favorite chain & you have a beautiful necklace that you can say you made yourself. You might want to make several because the girls are going to love them. 😉

Thanks for the visit & I wish you a very creative day!


  • Eye Pins  (Jewelry Shoppe  888867  $4.99)
  • Jump Rings  (Jewelry Shoppe  508879  $1.47)
  • Bead Caps  (Jewelry Shoppe  442582  $8.99)

888867_1 508879          442582

Supplies Used (Not Shown)

  • Marbles
  • E6000 Glue
  • Necklace Chain