Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Lilith Eeckels

Paige-headerHello again! Paige Evans here and today I’m spotlighting a very talented scrapbooker – Lilith Eeckels!

Lilith Eeckels

Name: Lilith Eeckels
Location: Belgium
Instagram: @lilitheeckels
Pinterest: @lilith
Facebook: lilithscrapbookingventure
Twitter: @lilitheeckels
YouTube Channel: LilithsScrapbooking

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started scrapbooking: Hi, I’m Lilith. I am Belgian but spent my childhood in South Africa and teenage years in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Today I live in Belgium with my husband and four sons aged 5 to 11. I am a language teacher and teach English and Dutch to French speaking teenagers. I discovered scrapbooking just after my marriage and have been sucked into this amazing world of papercrafting. My family is my inspiration. I also enjoy photography and dream of being a photographer.

Favorite thing to scrap: My family and especially my boys. They are the joys of my life.

5 fun facts about yourself:
 Well, all of my friends say that I am a jolly person. I love to laugh and be a bit silly.
2. I always have cold feet and hands so I go to bed with socks on (even in summer) and in winter you won’t see me without a hot water bottle.
3. As a child I wanted to be an opera singer (still do)!
4. I am addicted to tea. I drink at least eight cups of English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar a day. And I get really moody if I don’t. BAD HABIT!
5. I have a really high pain threshold. (Example: Last year I want for a dental check up. My dentist asks, “Any complaints?” I say, “No, I think everything’s OK!”. She has a look and then says, “Well you should be in agony, I don’t understand! Your root is exposed. How can you NOT feel that?” This probably explains why I didn’t think giving birth was that bad, I even enjoyed it! I KNOW I’m weird!

Here is the layout Lilith made just for her spotlight:

Smile1SMILE by Lilith Eeckels

Photos of my husband and I are rare, so I loved creating a layout about us. I used some Amy Tangerine Stitched products and added a bit of sewing, too.

And here are four of Lilith’s layouts showing her signature style:

wander1LET YOUR MIND WANDER by Lilith Eeckels

I had put together a cut file using stars and had cut it but didn’t know what to do with it and let it sit on my table for some time. Then one day I knew what I wanted to create. I love the flow of the layout and how well the photo fits in. 

Love sweetLOVE SWEET by Lilith Eeckels

One of my favourite techniques is sewing. I added some random sewing to the background and just put a couple of elements on the layout to focus on the stitches and the white on white element (title on cardstock).


you1YOU by Lilith Eeckels

I love journalling but sometimes I just don’t have any inspiration. For this layout I knew exactly what I wanted to say and I wanted the rest to stay clean and simple.

Crate BOYBOY by Lilith Eeckels

This is a layout with a photo of my youngest who is a cheeky fellow. I worked with the Crate Paper BOYS RULE collection which worked so well with the picture.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Lilith more and seeing some of her favorite layouts. I’ll be back with another spotlight next Wednesday!

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