Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Natalie Elphinstone


Another Wednesday brings another Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans! Today I’m so happy to feature Natalie Elphinstone:

SE-portrait-Natalie-ElphinstoneName: Natalie Elphinstone
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Blog: One Scrappy Doctor
Instagram: @natalieelph
Pinterest: @nati
Facebook: OneScrappyDoctor

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: I started scrapbooking shortly after the birth of my first child. As a new mum I thought it was something I was expected to do, but after I bought a lot of cheap supplies I really had to push myself to finish that first album. It was like torture. I had no inspiration or direction and the products weren’t speaking to me. But then I discovered the online world of scrapbooking and my mind was blown! Here were pretty supplies coupled with examples of what to do with them and plenty of challenges to encourage me even more. It quickly became an obsession and that’s why now with the birth of my third child 8 years later I’ve got a bookcase full of completed albums, mini-books, cards, and DIY projects!

Favorite thing to create: I do a bit of everything these days and I go through stages where I prefer one over all the rest. At the moment it’s Project Life pages. I don’t do it weekly, I do it whenever an occasion strikes!

What do you love about scrapbooking/cardmaking? I have a hectic work schedule as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and it’s a world full of rules and protocols (not a bad thing!), but when I come home I love that I can retreat to my scraproom and create whatever my heart desires without having to do anything ‘by the book.’ It’s my relaxation and therapy. I also love that I’m my family’s story-teller and memory-keeper – a task that I consider to be of monumental importance.

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. At only 5′ 2″ and quite petite, my patients often have trouble believing I’m the doctor. I’m sure they’re convinced I’m the medical student. It probably doesn’t help that I fit into children’s clothes and sometimes wear them.
2. I have a distinct aversion to peas. I really dislike the way they go pop in your mouth. I like corn, but only on the cob. Once those kernels come off they can be confused for peas.
3. I’ve shaved my head on no less than 3 occasions. All of them were just for fun!
4. My 3 kids have lovely names and yet I rarely call them by it. Each of them has about a million nicknames and they’ll answer to pretty much anything that begins with the same letter. For example I often call Moriah Moodles, Moo Pants, Monkey Moo, Myah, Mooky, Munchy, etc. etc.
5. I grew up on a diary farm until I moved to the big smoke to study medicine. Despite having now lived here for 15 years I still consider myself a country girl at heart.

Here is the lovely layout Natalie made for her spotlight:


DUMMY VS. THUMB by Natalie Elphinstone

Having a newborn on the scene means two things: 1. I’ve got a million new baby photos to scrap, and 2. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to scrap them! Here’s my new cheat way. I imported a new picture into Photoshop and added my journalling directly onto it before printing it in black and white onto cardstock. Then I added a few embellishments in a cluster of colour. Quick and simple and so much fun!


SMILE by Natalie Elphinstone

I made this layout recently as a Studio Calico contributor. It has all my favourite things on it: cute photo of my girls, an aqua and pink colour scheme, a good story, and a few little fun techniquey embellishments.


FIRST DAY OF PREP by Natalie Elphinstone

This was one of my first 12×12″ Project Life pages and I really enjoyed the way it came together so easily. I fell in love with the ability to include lots of photos and lots of story pieces, too.


HAPPY CARD by Natalie Elphinstone

I make my cards the way I make scrapbook layouts: lots of paper layers topped off with a feature piece. In this case it was stamped flowers on vellum and then a scattering of sequins to finish.


BIBLE JOURNALING PAGE by Natalie Elphinstone

I’ve recently discovered the joy that comes from Bible journaling. It combines so many of the things I love into one activity and is a way of channeling my God-given creative talents into an expression of my faith.

Such a pleasure to feature you, Natalie; thanks for sharing your delightful projects with everyone!

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    Looks fabulous- love the width & breadth of your talent… Always something new & fun to look at:)

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