Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Suse Fish


Today we’re shining the spotlight on the extraordinary Suse Fish!


Name: Suse Fish
Location: England
Pinterest: @Suse Fish
Facebook: Faith Hope Washi

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: Hey everyone! I’m a forty-something mum of one from sunny (ha ha) England where I divide my time between scrapbooking and putting things back where they came from around the house. I am kind of obsessed with this hobby of scrapbooking, truth be told. Although I’m a trained Graphic Designer and Illustrator, I’d always been really intimidated to try scrapbooking for some reason, but I found courage to have a go after watching that little YouTube advert for Smash books. The strap line was, “There’s no right or wrong, just glue in the gladness,” and that gave me the confidence I needed to give it a go. Needless to say, I’ve not looked back!

Favorite thing to create: Oh layouts, definitely. The pure excitement of taking that photo and rifling through your stash for bits that help enhance it? The thrill will never wear off.

What do you love about scrapbooking? I love that there’s no right or wrong… there are limitless possibilities and no one ever makes all the layouts!

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. I am married to a Methodist minister in training.
2. I enjoy scrapbooking *way* more than I ever enjoyed illustration!
3. I run a very lively scrapbooking/faith Facebook group.
4. I am highly introverted and love spending time alone.
5. I am completely obsessed with property programmes.

Here is the absolutely gorgeous layout Suse made for her spotlight:


MEW TUBE by Suse Fish

I’m a huge believer in looking at the products you have in your stash and layering up the littlest scrap to lovely effect! This little fella deserved his own layout as he has way more fans on social media than I do (though what he’s actually looking at in this shot, I have no idea).


HOME by Suse Fish

A layout about the man who rocks my world… he’s doing his ‘stern teacher’ look in this one, but of course the girl it was directed at – his daughter – is about the only one who isn’t fazed by it a bit!


DREAM by Suse Fish

I made this layout as part of Wilna Furstenburg’s brilliant ‘Art to Heart’ workshop. I love the idea of expressing prayers and thoughts about my faith in my work.



I can rarely resist embroidering on my layouts… I just adore the homespun-feel and extra texture the end result gives. It’s a labour of love that is certainly worth the end result!


FALL by Suse Fish

Sometimes it’s the layouts that start out as a complete ‘what on earth am I doing?’ experiment that end up becoming your favourites! I wrapped embroidery thread around twisted paperclips to make the veins in the leaves for this one.

Be sure to visit Suse at all the sites listed at the beginning to check out more of her very amazing and beautiful work!

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