Drinking Straw Wreath Frame

Drinking Straw Wreath Frame created by Jen Gallacher for The Weekly Scrapper blog

Jennifer-G-header-800This week I wanted to show you how to use a common household item to create a work of art you can then display in your home. Let’s talk drinking straws! Paper drinking straws are everywhere these days. How about using a set of your favorite designed straws to create a wreath? To create this project you will need: 10-20 drinking straws (depends on the final size of your wreath), a circle cutter, a glue gun, scissors, and a sheet of cardstock. (Additional supplies are suggested but not necessary to creating the wreath. See video for more details.)


To see how I created the wreath, be sure to watch the tutorial video either HERE on our Youtube channel or below. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you are notified when a new video is uploaded.

Here’s a look at the wreath mid-project. Again, refer to the video for additional instructions.


Here’s another look at the completed wreath. Notice that from straight on, you can’t see the way the straws are glued to the cardstock circle:

Drinking Straw Wreath Frame created by Jen Gallacher for The Weekly Scrapper blog

From the close-up photo, you can get a better view of the construction of this project. In this photo you can see the white cardstock circle to which I glued the black paper straws. You’ll also notice that I added a patterned paper pinked circle to the wreath instead of just solid-colored cardstock.

Drinking Straw Wreath Close Up Photo by Jen Gallacher for the Weekly Scrapper blog

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