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Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are headed into a weekend of relaxing fun!  The weather is getting chilly here but this is my absolute favourite time of the year so I am loving it. The wind has been blowing and the gorgeous red, orange and yellow leaves are starting to fall. And seriously, there is nothing as wonderful as jumping into a big pile of crunchy fall leaves.  Even at 2 and 4 years old, my kids had realized how much fun there is in raking a pile of leaves only to jump into it, throw the leaves up high and make a mess that needs to be raked up again. It is memories like these ones that should be captured in your albums and remembered in your heart!

Playing in leaves

Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. For the occasion, I created a wall hanging using the brand new Autumn Day collection by PHOTO PLAY PAPER.  Let me tell you that I really enjoyed working with these papers. It is wonderful when you go to create a project that is not flat to have paper that is nice and sturdy and holds it’s own.

Fall Decoration for Photo Play Paper by Jen Walker

To create this project, I cut the 12×12 papers into 6×6 squares and rolled them into cone shapes. I then attached the smaller ends of the paper cones to each other in the center using glue dots.  I fussy cut the ‘Give Thanks’ sentiment and attached it to a circular coaster to give me something sturdy to attach the embroidery thread for hanging the decoration. I love seeing all the different patterns of the collection placed together.  Happy Fall!

I have a few other projects to share with you this week using this collection. Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts created a Fall banner.  When I saw Beth’s banner I knew I had to share it with you. I love how she used different papers for the lettered pages and then added a card to each end.

Fall Banner by Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Fall Banner Close Up by Beth Kingston for Kington Crafts

These next cards by Karen Petersen are also created using the Autumn Day collection using the 4×6 and 3×4 cards cut from the patterned paper combined with additional elements from the collection.

Give Thanks card by Photo Play Paper

Sweet Family Time by Photo Play Paper

Autumn card by Photo Play Paper

As you can see, this collection is perfect for the season. As someone who loves striped paper, I also really like the various patterns that are included in this collection.

Friends of Scrapbook Expo


Our friends at PHOTO PLAY PAPER would like to give the Autumn Day collection pack to one lucky Scrapbook Expo friend.

Photoplay - Autumn Day Collection Pack

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For your chance to win this wonderful prize from our friends at PHOTO PLAY PAPER, leave a comment on this blog post telling us one of your favourite memories. The giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, October 22nd.

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by the Little B. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for a paper flower prize pack.

The winner is Edwina Brown!

Winner Edwina Brown

Congratulations Edwina! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Little B Paper Flower Prize Pack ’ in the subject line.

Thanks for joining me this week. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Don’t forget … if you want a chance to win the new Autumn Day collection from PHOTO PLAY PAPER, you need to leave a comment on this post telling us one of your favourite memories.

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~ Jen


115 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – PHOTO PLAY PAPER

  1. Sweet April says:

    Wow…such interesting,colorful,fabulous,inspirational projects:love them all.Thanks for your wonderful ideas and creations!

  2. Sandra says:

    One of my favorite memories is having lunch with my mom on Sundays. She is such an inspiring creative lady. She encourages me to pursue my card making interests. I think she has saved every card I’ve made for her.

  3. Joanna Bandelin says:

    Oh wow I love the patterns on the paper, super cute! One of my favorite memories is of my daughter.. right before we were leaving to visit my family on Christmas Eve she jumped into a huge pile of leaves and had a ball. Her Christmas dress was covered in leaves but she had so much fun I couldn’t get mad. 🙂

  4. Laurie B. says:

    One of my favorite childhood memories is having so many relatives come for Thanksgiving dinner that we had to use the ping-pong table in addition to the dining room table.

  5. Sherry Lewandowski says:

    I have many favourite memories of my family at so many events. I think I have to pick some wirh friends. As an adult it seems times to play become less frequent. I have a particular family of friends who have seemed to replace what has been lost with my extended family. They have invited my family to share special events. Two years ago, the brother invited me to join them on a trip for dinner at Frankenmuth and shopping at Great Lakes Crossing. I don’t think I had ever seen Frankenmuth so decked out before, and I hadn’t been to the Bavarian Inn for Christmas dinner before. It was lovely to have a nice meal and to see others so happy. Santa brought smiles to all. It was a lovely day!

  6. Karol L says:

    Love new paper..Thanksgiving dinner was always fun with family and friends..Talking around the table. Mom was the best cook and relatives traveled just for Moms cooking..Cousins galore… The freezer was full of cookies and pies and rolls..

  7. Jenelle Reyes says:

    My favorite memory was when I was little and going over to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and all my cousins would be there. We had so much fun playing together and then enjoying a Thanksgiving feast! Great paper collection! I’d love to create some cards with it! Thanks for the chance!

  8. Jan says:

    Getting together with relatives for Thanksgiving was terrific as a kid. Now Im the adult and the kids/grandkids are coming here!

  9. Sheree says:

    one of my favorite membories is smelling the baked apples my grnndmother made with yummy sweet potatoes. Playing with my cousins and listening to all the adults remenise about the gool ‘ole days.
    Now I try to create these wonderful memories for my own kids and grandkids. The smiles tell me Im on the right track! : )

  10. Barb brancel says:

    My favorite memory. Laying on my back in a pile of leaves. The smells & sound . Not having a care in the world.

  11. Chris Domino says:

    What wonderful patterns on the papers. They would be perfect for the Thanksgiving cards I create for the shut-ins at our church to remind them how thankful we are to have them in our church family.

  12. Katrin says:

    I love the little foxes! Simple adorable.

    My favorite fall memory is taking long walks through the neighborhood and then having a hot cup of tea to warm up.

  13. Pat says:

    Great paper. I remember when it was cool and rainy in fall…..wish could have that again here in California. We need rain!

  14. alyse says:

    wow great mix of colors in that paper!reminds me of fall when I was growing up when the seasons changed a bit more!

  15. Debbie says:

    One of my favorite memories from childhood is taking a walk through the local woods after Thanksgiving dinner with my dad and brother and sisters. My mom and grandmother used that time to clean up after the meal and we got a chance to run off some energy. Love the papers and colors! Thanks!

  16. Lynn Ekstrom says:

    What a cute collection! Just when I think I have all the fun fall papers, here comes another collection I just have to have. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Kathy says:

    What pretty new paper! I love new things!!! One of my favorite “fall” memories was thanksgiving two years ago… My daughter-in-law got a turkey fryer and was so excited to make the turkey… Well apparently the turkey was too big because it got stuck and took 3 men to get it out…in pieces!!!!!!

  18. Roma says:

    Such pretty paper! I love being able to celebrate Thanksgiving twice! Once to honor my Canadian roots and once for my Husbands American family!!

  19. Alice says:

    One of my favorite memories is that of going to a nursing home twice a month on Sunday afternoons with my parents. I grew up in Calcutta, India and we would sing, play board games and color with the residents. I am retired now and thinking of doing this.

  20. marylouh says:

    One of my favorite memories is when my husband asked me to marry him.
    He tried to trick me – I didn’t think he really had a ring.
    I was surprised when he put a big sparkler on my finger.
    Love the wreath.
    great projects.
    thanks for sharing.

  21. Shilpa says:

    The paper is cute for scrapbooking fall memories . Its a must have!! One of my favorite memories is spotting a mother fox and its young pup in Olympic National Park . Nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat !! The paper with the fox print got back those nice memories of visiting the park .

  22. Sue S. says:

    I have pictures when I was a child, playing in the leaves my older brother and sister raked. My younger sister & I would jump in them and my older siblings had to rake them up again. These papers are perfect for a fall mini album. The colors are so fall! The little animals are adorable! They bring back so many wonderful memories!

  23. Connie says:

    My favorite memory is going to my grandpa’s house when I was little and being able to visit him and my great aunt and uncle that lives next door

  24. Marilyn W. says:

    Autumn is my favorite season, maybe because it was when I was born. In 1992, the year started with my old, arthritic Doberman girl suddenly dying. She had so many health problems for so many years that I thought I would never get another one. My children had grown, my daughter got married and my son was in college. After a few months, I realized I had no one to take care of. A few months later, I knew I needed a puppy so I researched breeds and decided I wanted a big, gentle dog so I went about trying to get a Flat Coated Retriever. The breed is so closed, getting the first one is like trying to adopt a baby. I was turned down over and over even though I had dogs their entire lives for all of my adult life. I got a call one day from a breeder who turned me down. She had a female puppy someone could no longer take. I went to Ohio and brought her home three days after my birthday. Sally was my blessing. She became a therapy dog and we worked with brain injury patients and students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. I used to say I stood back and watched God and Sally perform miracles. Sally died of kidney failure very suddenly to kidney failure when she was only 7. I had just started scrapbooking the previous August. The way I handled my grief was to work nonstop for 2 months, creating a scrapbook for Sally. I cried my guts out doing it, but all these years later, I still look back at that book and smile. I’m so surprised at how creative every page is, even today.

  25. Pat A says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory occurred when I was a child. We were at my am 10″ and it was the first time we hit used Redi whip out of the can for the pumpkin pie instead of fresh whipped cream. My dad went to put the ready whip on his slice of pie it hit the surface of the pie and bounce directly into my aunts face. It was so funny we still talk about it to this day on Thanksgiving.

  26. Pat A says:

    Whoops I should proofread. We were at my aunt and uncle’s home and it was the first time we had used Redi whip out of the can instead of fresh whipping cream.

  27. Christi says:

    One of my favorite memories is fall camping with my grandmother and playing in the leaves. Then hot coco afterwards. I miss her soooo much. I wish I could see her one last time. Thank you for taking me down memory lane. <3

  28. Denisse Diaz says:

    Such nice colors and beautiful collection. One of my fond memories is growing up in a beautiful Caribbean island in the same track of the sun with blue skies and white sandy beaches. Although I hate it the Sunday dresses and all those dreadlocks that my mother used to combed my thick hair into. The weather was, almost always, perfect and I felt so carefree. Now, fast forward 35 years later and oh boy, how I miss those days!

  29. Laurie Kearnes says:

    I’ll never forget the Thanksgiving that I had canker sore all over the inside of my mouth! I couldn’t eat a thing! But Thanksgiving was very fun with lots of family and friends.

  30. Nunzia says:

    Great projects. I love these colours. My favourite memories are my holidays with my family and with my mother’s brothers. We were a lot! 10 children, my cousins, from 13 to 6 month years old. It was very funny and rich of love and happiness 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity.

  31. Pat says:

    We usually had thanksgiving at my grandparents, but one year my mother decided she would instead. She was so stressed out, she dropped the turkey taking it out of oven!

  32. snazzy jj says:

    A favorite memory of mine was riding my horse, Rancho Jack, through the woods and exploring an old log cabin. Love this collection. The foxes are adorable and love the colors.

  33. Renita says:

    As much as I enjoy making wreaths, I hadn’t even given a thought to making a paper wreath until I saw yours. It is so cute and versatile. I can see hanging it on the door, in windows, on the wall, even using a smaller version for gift wrapping. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  34. Connie Montague says:

    The papers are gorgeous! One of my favorite memories is my mom telling my sister and me that she made her pumpkin pie by following the recipe on the back of the can of Libbys pumpkin. We got a can out and asked about different ingredients and found out that she changed almost every one! We liked to tease her about that every Thanksgiving.

  35. Susan Orndorff says:

    Going to the country with my Dad to find the special orange berries that my Mom always dried and put on the mantle in the special vase. How I miss them both but am grateful for a wonderful childhood.

  36. Natalie Godfrey says:

    My favorite memory is traveling cross country to Louisiana with my mom & dad and my siblings to visit my grandparents. Because we would always make it a point to visit a landmark like the Grand Canyon.

  37. HawaiianLibrarian says:

    Autumn in Hawaii means Fall Intercession, a week off from public school, and time to plan a trip to Disneyland, taking lots of photos to scrap!

  38. Donna Sue says:

    My favorite memory about Thanksgiving is the whole family getting together for dinner and my Aunt’s famous pumpkin pies! Delish!

  39. Eileen R says:

    One of my favorite memories is visiting with my grandparents during the holidays. Love the projects, thanks for the inspiration!

  40. Carla J says:

    My favorite was going to my grandmas on thanksgiving and helping with different chores or projects. She always had a big turnout. I remember several Thanksgivings with about 75 people.

  41. Julia says:

    My Mother would be baking for a week and making candy with my Aunt. And then on Thanksgiving all of our Family would come bring even more food and Deserts each one fancy and decorated! Our home was Big but it over flowed with family, it was wonderful. My Mother would be so tired when the day was over she would say, NOW FOR CHRISTMAS!

  42. tammy kist says:

    One of my favorite memories: We didn’t have a pool, and lived in what is called a “desert community”, so on hot summer days, when we didn’t want to ride our bikes to the community pool, we would put on the sprinklers and just run through them, or just stand in the cool water…something that would be frowned on now with the drought, but was oh so enjoyable in the 100+ degree heat!

  43. Sandi B says:

    Autumn is probably my favorite season of all. Love the changing colors of the leaves and the trips to the FALL festivals and pumpkin patches with my grandkids. Love all the projects made with this collection. Would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

  44. Karen Waldner says:

    What beautiful papers, thanks for the change to win,
    One of my favorite memories was holding my first born niece in my arms for the first time,

  45. Mary Schultz says:

    This paper is super cute, and i love your wreath!
    Summer has always been my favorite season, but one of my best weather related memories was in Fall/Winter – I was in 4th grade, and that Thanksgiving we had a big snow storm in Seattle, which is FAR from normal here. All the family showed up at my Grandma’s house, and after dinner we spent the afternoon and evening building gigantic snowmen in her yard and sledding – she lived at a top of a nice sized hill, and it was perfect for sledding on!

  46. jan metcalf says:

    Autumn Day paper line brings fond memories of visiting the apple orchard in the fall for taffy apples, hay rides, apple cider, pumpkin picking, chasing free range chickens, fresh farm honey, and autumn decorating crafts.

  47. barb macaskill says:

    As a kid we lived in the country and every Fall Dad would rake the leaves into huge piles and my brother and I would dive into them and scatter them everywhere!!! One afternoon we got the brilliant idea to rake the leaves into one huge pile and hide in it when Mom got home from work. We waited till we saw her headlights coming up the driveway and both got under the pile of leaves, as she got out of the car we got ready to jump out and scare her. To our surprise she went around to the front door instead of the back door so we just sat patiently waiting for her to come find us since we weren’t in the house. Wit lots of whispering and giggling we waited for her to come out. We heard the back door open and out came the dog, We got the biggest surprise of the night because the dog decided that he had to go pee right on the leaves we were hiding under! I think Mom might have peed her pants just a little bit laughing at us! The dog was on our bad list that night and we never tried to hide under the leaves after dark again!! LOL
    This is a great collection!! I love the colors and the prints ROCK!! TFS!

  48. Shelly Ott says:

    We always had Thanksgiving dinner at my maternal Grandmother’s house. Every year she would make a fabulous feast, including her special chocolate pie, which tasted more like fudge. She would also make a ham, as well as the turkey with all the trimmings…because she thought my Dad didn’t like turkey. In actuality, he loved turkey, so he could never figure out where she got that idea. I loved Thanksgiving at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

  49. Aliza B says:

    One of my favorite memories is from when I was 6 and my grandma taught me to bake cookies. She had a special stool so I could reach the counter and let me mix everything in all by myself.

    These papers are lovely!

  50. Carey Nusbaum says:

    My cousin loves my mom’s coconut cream pies! When we arrived at our grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, various family members converge to help unload food from cars! Jon ran to our car and “helped” bring in both coconut cream pies! Come dessert time the pies were no where to be found! After considerable time, my 10 year old cousin was cornered! Yes…he brought the pies in the front door, out the back door and carefully placed in the backseat of their family car for him to take home! ? At age 44, he still doesn’t understand why the adults got upset with him! Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize!

  51. Betty Bradley says:

    I was the youngest of 10 children. I remember the holidays and not having to help with the cleanup because I was always referred to as the baby. It did my heart good to see my older sisters (8) & brother do the cleanup.

  52. Jessie Wasser says:

    When my kids were young we would take them Apple picking in the fall. It was always a fun afternoon of being outdoors. I always got great pictures to scrapbook.

  53. Melody Fielder Wong says:

    One of my favorite childhood holiday memories is dozing with my head on my grandmother’s lap at the end of a full day and listening to her talk and laugh with my aunts and adult cousins. I loved to hear them giggle when something would tickle them.

  54. Jennie Hallock says:

    My fondest memories are being able to go outside again (live in AZ) sit on the swing with my mom and listen to her tell stories of our childhood. She would rock back and forth and play with my hair. It was so relaxing, and comforting.

  55. Candice Anderson says:

    Beautiful Fall colors and awesome work Jen!

    My favorite memories all include my beloved grandmother. She was so fun and always made us laugh. A common saying that would describe her wit, is the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.” Lol! I miss her!

  56. Kellie Smith says:

    One of my favorite memories was is learning to play cards with my great uncle. He and my aunt woild come to my Grandparents house almost every weekend. My aunt would visit with them, and my uncle spent hours teaching my sister and I every card game he could think of. I still love cards!

  57. Kimberly mc says:

    Thanksgiving has been “my” holiday to host since I bought my first house. I love getting my family around the table. I also make sure any “orphans” who don’t have family in the area know they can come to my house for the day. (I do warn them they have to put up with my cranky pops though!) 🙂

  58. Karen K says:

    I have so many great memories from childhood and beyond. However, one thing that is especially sweet to me is the fact that my children got to experience Thanksgiving with my family (their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) just like the ones I had with my siblings and grandparents when I was young. The older ones were able to help my mom set the table, put the food out and share with her in the preparation of some of the foods. They witnessed all of us adults working together to prepare and serve the feast and then share things we were thankful for that year. My mom passed away at the age of 75 in 2012 so those years are gone, but I hope the memories will live in the hearts of my children for their lives. For these memories, I am most grateful.

  59. eunice says:

    Love these projects and gorgeous fall paper. Newest memory made this weekend – baby’s first visit to Disney. Such wonder in her eyes!

  60. Laura M. says:

    Still to this day, I love waking up and watching the Mary’s parade on TV. And now with my in-laws we’ve made it a tradition to watch the dog show after.

  61. Nancy Osborn says:

    My favorite memory was growing up on a farm and being able to experience nature and all it offered just by going out and looking. We had woods, a creek, ponds, horses, sheep, chickens, cows and imagination.

  62. Julie says:

    When my kids were little, I loved taking them to the pumpkin trail at our local nature center. There was a scary version for teenagers but we skipped that one.

  63. Sandy says:

    Many times, my mother’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving. 2 years ago, we celebrated her last birthday at the nursing home before she passed away. The entire family was there.

  64. Tracey t. Rice says:

    Fall is my favorite season. This paper is gorgeous and would be perfect to help capture fall memories.

  65. Dorothy says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is Thanksgiving 1992. For the first time in twenty years of marriage we had my whole family together. After dinner we all sat on the floor in the living room playing a game called spoons. So much fun!! Unfortunately my mother passed away suddenly two days later. She loved crafting as much as I do.

  66. D C Thoms says:

    Fall is my favorite season. One reason is that October 20th is my birthday. Oh, that’s today! Used to live in West Virginia and the leaves were beautiful there. Very nice paper collection. Subtle colors.

  67. Dana Osborne says:

    Fall is full of great memories for me – my sweet husband proposing to me, getting married, and children and grandchildren’s births are some of the best.

  68. Joni Szela says:

    I love the projects and the paper is wonderful. Fall is my favorite season and my best memory is always going to my parents house on Halloween and celebrating their anniversary with them and the rest of our family . Their anniversary was October 30, but we all could get together on Halloween the 31st to celebrate with them. Unfortunately on Halloween 2014 the day after my parents celebrated their 60th anniversary my mom passed away. I have a lot of pictures and memories but it just not feeling the same this year… I am getting back into doing my crafts again….I am looking at the cricut explore aire for a Christmas present I have an expression and the original explore…

  69. jean marmo says:

    I love the traditions we established when the kids were little. Pumpkin hunting started from the first year and continues to this day. My 27 year old went pumpkin hunting with me this Sunday. He indulges his mom and allows me to take pictures!

  70. Rhoda Sorensen says:

    Great collection! Some of my most fave memories is all the hours crafting with all the women in my life. My grandma, my mom, sister, and my best friend that also scraps.

  71. Elizabeth says:

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this line. There is so many great things to be made out of it. I wish I could be lucky enough to win this great gift. Thanks for give us the chance.

  72. Janna says:

    Super cute stuff! A fav memory for me at Thanksgiving would be the birth of my twin boys….always such a great great time to count my blessings…two by two!

  73. Jackie Edwards says:

    I love the scrummy autumn papers and all the projects that have been made with them!! Thank you for the chance to win a set!!!!!!!

  74. Cathy Hanes says:

    My favorite memory is when I was six years old, waking up Christmas morning and looking out my white with red polka dot curtains in my ‘jack & jill’ bedroom. There was about six inches of newly fallen snow laying so perfectly outside my window, with snow delicately laying on all the bare branches of the tree just outside my room. It was just a perfect picture I’ll always relate to Christmas morning.

  75. Betty says:

    Love all the fall colors. My favorite memory is driving in Colorado seeing all the trees with great fall colors.

  76. Kimberly Morey says:

    One of my favorite memories is when my sister and I traveled from California to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to work for a short term job. When we finished the job, we decided to stay and drive across the state to Philadelphia and take in some historical sites. The drive during the changing of the season into fall was breath-taking! Gorgeous! And all the wild life! We loved it! I can’t wait for my next trip back again!

  77. Elizabeth Diaz says:

    My favorite memories are the birth of my kids. I have two so they go hand in hand. Bringing into the world the living humans that I love so much was amazing. Watching them being checked. Feeling so excited that they were finally here. Being able to hold them for the first time. They are both so beautiful; each in their own ways. The memory of their precious little faces can be topped by nothing else.

  78. Cynthia says:

    The moment I met the love of my life. I do believe in love at first sight. It happened to me and 10 years later we are still together and even more in love each day.

  79. Kate says:

    Last year we hosted two UCLA students at our family’s Thanksgiving. They didn’t have a place to go and we were delighted to open our home to them.

  80. Marci Allee says:

    Just spent a fortune at Sacto Scrapbook Expo Oct, 20th and I can’t wait to play with all my goodies.
    Good luck to me to win this pretty paper.

  81. Kelly says:

    I had the best time at The Scrapbook Expo again this year! I hope I win to add to my collection. I’ve gone Card making crazy!!!

  82. Beverly says:

    One of my favorite and most vivid memories is the day I met my first pet dog. Just thinking on that moment I can feel all the energy of that day bringing us together. The moment we saw each other I knew we would be pals for life. He was my protector, my teacher, my guide to a better life. He is heaven now but everyday of my life I feel him beside me. So, my memories are a mixture of delight and sadness but above all cherished. See you in heaven sweet pea puppy.

  83. Loree K says:

    Love this paper collection – it would be perfect for the fall wedding album I am currently creating!

  84. Lisza Nazarenus says:

    I keep a journal (of course “thankfully” decorated ) in the turkey roaster. Every Thanksgiving get together it is passed around for everyone to write why they are thankful. The greatest joy is reading all the previous comments from passed
    holidays. Many are from friends and sometimes almost strangers that joined us when they had no place else, and from parents and grandparents that are no longer with us.

  85. Maria says:

    There are so many favorite memories, but the one that comes to mind is my first Thanksgiving being married. I was pregnant with my first, and I got to spend the holiday with my new extended family. Good times.

  86. Sharon says:

    I love fall, and miss it because I currently live in Florida. However, I am a native of the North Carolina mountains, and one of my favorite memories was driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway through the mountains looking at all the beautiful leaves when they were changing colors. It was as though God had taken His paintbrush and just splattered it on the trees.

  87. Michele Baird says:

    Thanksgiving 1978! It was not the typical family holiday as we spent it at the movie theater eating popcorn and hot dogs. You see my mother went into labor with my baby sister. Definitely a Thanksgiving to remember. I love fall and this is some adorable paper. Thank you for the opportunity to share and win.

  88. Tenley Erickson says:

    One of my favorite memories is the first holiday I spent with my husband and step daughter. I knew when we got married, there would be challenges, as all step parents face. That first holiday season really gave us a chance to celebrate the beginning of our beautiful life together! It has been a wonderful experience and I love her so very much. She is such a blessing!

  89. Lindi says:

    My favourite memory is a autumn day way back in 1964 a visit to the Botanical Gardens with Nana and Pops after lunch we frolicked in all the leaves,rolled in them threw them in the air, whenever I look at the photo it takes me right back to that amazing day just the pure joy on our faces says it all … Thankyou Photo Play Papers for the chance to win your beautiful Autumn collection.. Goodluck everyone. ..

  90. pam says:

    One of my favorite memories was on a beautiful crisp autumn day driving on I-40 in wsestern NC. The sky was a beautiful blue, the few clouds were fluffy and white, the leaves were at the peak showing off their beautiful mantle of red, orange, gold, and green. But mother nature went one step further with a cold snap bringing snow to Grandfather’s Mountain. Leaving a brilliant white white topped mountain in the background to set off her display of glorious fall colors.

  91. Dottie says:

    Thanksgiving is always a fond memory especially when I was expecting my son and went camping miles away from the hospital knowing he could be born anytime but did it anyway and enjoyed the time with our friends and and glad I did as my son was born 2 weeks later

  92. charlene downs says:

    Is paper is simply beautiful. It definitely gives me s feeling of dall and Thanksgiving. Reminds me of happier times cooking with my mother for iyr family. So glad as I am now able to share her mac and cheese recipe with my own daughter.

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