Plush Snowman Ornament

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing an adorable plush Christmas ornament I created with a few simple stitches.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament
I started with some white lightweight canvas fabric, some fiberfill, and snowman die cut. (I used the outline image of the snowman from the Cricut Doodlecharms® cartridge.)

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step1
I cut out two pieces of fabric slightly larger than my die cut and pinned both pieces of fabric and the die cut together. Using the die cut as a guide, I cut out two snowman shapes from the fabric.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step2

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step3
I chose some buttons and embroidery thread and stitched on the eyes, nose, and buttons of the snowman onto one of the fabric shapes.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step4
roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step5
roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step6
Once I finished with the stitching on the body of the snowman, I cut out a 5″ length of ribbon for the loop on top of the ornament and began stitching the snowman.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step7
When the stitching reached near the top, I folded the ribbon, placed it in between the two shapes, and stitched over it to hold the ribbon in place.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step8
When I got about 3/4 of the way done with the stitching, I filled the snowman with fiberfill to make him plush.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step9
After adding the filling, I finished stitching the snowman closed and knotted the ends of the thread.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament_step10
The last step was to add a scarf made of ribbon on the snowman.

roree rumph_handmade_plush_snowman_ornament
It is a pretty fun and easy sewing project that would make a great “tag” to add to a holiday gift or to give as a gift itself.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!