Ribbon Flower Gift Bag

Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am going to show you how to create a beautiful flower with strips of ribbon, a few punched circles, and a button and some thread.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_2
First off, get your supplies together. You will need ribbon, a circle punch, some paper scraps, a button and thread, and your favorite adhesive.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step1
Cut your ribbon into strips. I cut mine to 2″ lengths.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step2
Punch circles from your scrap pieces of paper. I cut two circles from kraft cardstock and one from striped patterned paper using a 1″ circle punch.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step3
Add adhesive to one side of one of your circles.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step4
Add the strips of ribbon around the circle, layering the ribbon and adding more adhesive as needed.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step5
Flip over the circle and add adhesive to the other side.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step6
Fold the ribbon strips over and attach them to the other side, looping the ribbon and adding more adhesive as needed.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step7

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step8
Add adhesive to the center and attach a coordinating punched circle to the center of the ribbon flower.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step9

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step10
Stitch a button to the center of the flower with a coordinating thread.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step11
Adhere the last punched circle to the back of the flower to finish.

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_step12
All that is left is to add the flower to your project!

roree rumph_ribbon_flower_gift_bag_2
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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