Ribbon Spool Gift Box

Roree-header-1500-800x192Hey, everyone! Roree here with another Make It! Monday project. Today I am sharing a fun little gift box created using a recycled ribbon spool.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box
First off, I started with an empty cardboard 1 1/2″ ribbon spool and some patterned paper.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step1
I carefully pulled the ends off of the spool.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step2
I cleaned up the edges and added a little paint to give them a more finished look.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step3
I covered the outside of the spool’s center with a strip of patterned paper.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step4
Disclaimer: I usually take photos of my projects as I go along with only a general idea of what I am going to make. Sometimes my ideas change as I am creating which causes me to add or remove steps. Originally, I had added patterned paper to the inside at the beginning of the process. I then realized that I needed to do this later on. And because I wasn’t thinking, I forgot to take a new picture after I removed the patterned paper. So please, pretend that the inside of the spool is unfinished. 😉

I cut out some circles from patterned paper to cover the ends of the spool (four in total, one for each side).

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step5
I adhered one of the ends to the bottom of the spool. I then cut a strip of ribbon (about 3″ or so in length) and adhered one end inside the center of the spool.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step6
I adhered a strip of paper inside the spool to cover the end of the ribbon.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step7
I cut another patterned paper circle the same width as the center of the spool, placed the circle over the top of the spool, and adhered the other end of the ribbon to it.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step8
I then adhered the circle to the center of the remaining lid.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step9
I put a few treats in the box, added a label sticker with a message, and put a handmade bow on top to finish.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_step10

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_closeup1

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box_closeup2
I ended up with a cute gift box made from something I normally would have tossed in my recycle bin.

roree rumph_ribbon_spool_gift_box
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Ribbon Spool Gift Box

  1. Carol says:

    Roree: What a clever idea! I know I will be using this in the future and you have given me some greater thoughts!
    This would make a wonderful class….I’ll always be a teacher no matter what I undertake…I’ll use your name when I do.
    Thank you so very much! I am also an ever recycler!!!

  2. Serena says:

    What a clever way to upcycle a ribbon spool that would normally be tossed! Thank you for coming up with this idea and sharing it with us.

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