Technique Spotlight with Paige Evans: Paper Weaving


Paper weaving is a wonderful way to use up those paper scraps that you just can’t throw away!

Cool Like a Fox by Paige Evans

HELLO THERE FOX by Paige Evans

Here I weaved papers at an angle to create a unique photo mat for a pair of pictures.


J&A by Paige Evans

I layered and wove papers of all sizes and a few different textures for another fun photo mat.

The Cutest Little Boy in the World

THE CUTEST by Paige Evans

To make this big heart I wove papers across scratch paper and then simply cut the paper into a heart shape! I stitched around it to help keep the papers in place and to define the heart shape.

What's Wrong Darlings

WHAT’S WRONG? by Paige Evans

Even itty bitty 1/4″ paper strips can be woven together – the more patterns and colors the better to create a colorful background!

woven paper

LOVE by Paige Evans

On this layout I made sure to leave a gap between each paper strip to help them pop off the white background.

Have you tried paper weaving before? Care to share what you’ve made? I’d LOVE to see!

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