Tip of the Day: Braided Scarf from ADORNit


We all love to add pretty things to our scrapbook pages and Alison from ADORNit is here today to show a way to embellish our own look while we embellish our scrapbooking projects! My daughter has a drawer full of scarves and she’s always looking for different ways to wear them, so I can’t wait to share this tip with her.

Make sure to stop by adornit.com to enjoy all of their fun products.  #WeeklyScrapper #ScrapbookExpo

2 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Braided Scarf from ADORNit

  1. Beata says:

    Very smart and I can see something like this even as a head piece with a thinner scarf or even a belt with longer scarf. Very clever.

  2. Beth Hansen says:

    I have A LOT of scarves and it’s nice to see a new way to wear them. Thanks for the lesson!

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