Wooden Spool Flowers


Happy Monday! With the weather being so crazy and cold in many areas throughout the country, I thought I would brighten up the blog a little with a spring-inspired flower project—wooden spool flowers.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers 2

They are pretty simple to make. Here is what you will need:

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step1

Wooden spools, paper straws, hemp cord, and die cut flowers and leaves (including a front and back for each flower/leaf), along with buttons and embroidery thread (not shown).

First off, I started by wrapping the wooden spools with the hemp cord.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step2

I left a length of the cord hanging from the center so that I was able to tie the ends in a bow when I finished wrapping the spool.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step3

Next, I added the paper straws to the spools and trimmed the ends to my desired height for each flower.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step4

I then embellished the flowers and leaves by stitching a button to the center of each flower and adding stitches around the eye of each flower at the center of each petal and middle of each set of leaves.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step5

I flattened the end of each straw, added a liquid adhesive to the center of each flower and foam adhesive on each petal, then adhered the straw to the flower.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step6

I then covered each flower with the matching die cut to hide the stitching. I did the same for the leaves.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_step7

Lastly, I added the flowers to the spools to finish.

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers_closeup2 2

Voilà! Cute flower creations perfect to spring-ify your home, your office, or wherever you need a little brightening up!

roree rumph_wooden spool_flowers 2

I hope you enjoyed today’s Make It! Monday project. Thanks so much for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “Wooden Spool Flowers

  1. F Bond says:

    SUper cute! I am ready for spring!!!!! I must make these and put them in the sewing room window.

  2. Wendy Vaughn says:

    These are too cute!! I’m in the process of planning a quilt show in June, these will make awesome centerpieces for the luncheon tables!! Thanks Bunches!!

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