Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Nikki Kehr


Today I’m delighted to introduce you to a talented lady I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times here in Germany: Nikki Kehr!

Nikki Kehr

Name: Nikki Kehr
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Instagram: @nimena_
YouTube: nimena_
Pinterest: @nimenanikki

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: I am Nikki, a German scrapbooker with heart, baking bookworm, civil engineer student, in love with memory keeping, and having a lot of fun in life. Project Life was the start into my scrapbooking in early 2013. Since then I also discovered layouts, mini albums, and gift wrapping. In 2014 my blog was born where I show my projects, ideas, and instructions.

Favorite thing to create: My favorite projects are Project Life albums. I love creating them and seeing all the pictures showing our everyday life. Layouts are also my passion, putting special pictures in a scene. My projects are colorful, geometric, and clean. I work with embroidery, paints, and a lot more. I’m open to new techniques and like trying them out.

What do you love about this hobby? My family and friends are my inspiration and their radiant faces when they look into the albums makes me happy. Also, getting to know so many lovely people who share the hobby and fun with me, is beautiful.

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. I can’t drink coffee with caffeine, but I like the taste of coffee, so I drink, like grannies, coffee without caffeine. This is always a laugher at family parties. 🙂
2. Animation movies are one more passion of mine. It makes me happy to go with my little brother and his friends into the cinema. Most of the time I am the oldest person there!
3. I buy only CDs if I like more than 50% of the songs and then I hear them for months up and down until I no longer like them. My poor suffering boyfriend. 🙂
4. Whenever I am excited I get nosebleeds. This happens a lot because I am often nervous, but now I know how to deal with it.
5. I am an M&Ms junkie. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but a life without chocolate, especially M&Ms, does not work for me.

Currently Love


On this layout I wanted to put all things I love: my favorite color is green, a colorful background, embroidery, doodling, and geometric shapes. Also a photo of my favorite thing: photography and my camera.

Here are four more of Nikki’s favorite layouts she has created:

Lac du Salagou

LAC DU SALAGOU by Nikki Kehr

This is one of my favorite places on earth, so of course it became its own layout. It was also the first time I embroidered on a page.

Tic Tac Toe

TIC TAC TOE by Nikki Kehr

I had the idea for this layout in the evening shortly before I fell asleep. The next day I made it!


HEY! by Nikki Kehr

On this layout I worked with scraps. I can’t chuck away most of my scraps, so I put them on my projects.

Think Happy Thoughts


I like interactive elements on projects so you can enjoy them with all of your senses. Here you can open a page and pull out a tag to read the journaling.

I hope you’ve been inspired by Nikki’s projects and be sure to check out her blog and other social media sites (listed at the top!) to see more of her amazing work!