Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Caylee Grey


Welcome to another edition of the Designer Spotlight! Caylee Grey is the artist I am featuring today and I am sure you are going to love her style and lovely mini albums!


Name: Caylee Grey
Location: Germany
Instagram: @cayleegrey
Facebook: Caylee Grey

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: I’m a South African living in Germany as a full time artist and online teacher. I’m here with my husband and tiny pooch. In 2013 it was literally illegal for me to work in Germany and so I spent my time recording our adventures and travels and I fell in love with the process. In 2014 I discovered art journaling and it really leveled up my creativity and process.

Favorite thing to create: Mini books and art journals

What do you love about this hobby? My absolute favourite thing is the results of documenting memories. Not only do I have a library of memories to look back on, but I am actively searching for adventure so that I can document it. Instead of staying home and watching Netflix, I think of how I can explore a town close by and document it.

5 fun facts about yourself:
1. It’s practically impossible for me to cook something without garlic in.
2. I am terrible at clothing, and wish we could be like cartoons and have one outfit every day.
3. My personal style would probably be called “granny chic.”
4. I spend half my time in the forest in our backyard with a Moleskine and my dog.
5. I love singing along to songs, but am terrible at listening to lyrics so I just make up my own.

Here is the lovely mini album Caylee made for her spotlight:


Caylee Grey

Caylee Grey1

WEDDING by Caylee Grey

It wasn’t intentional, but I’ve created a mini book for each wedding anniversary. I don’t think I will ever tire of my wedding photos. They still bring back such strong memories and make me feel all warm inside. 


ARTIST by Caylee Grey

A recent art journal spread in a handmade mini book. It’s about how difficult it is calling myself an artist and how it feels like a four letter word. I create art. I am an artist.

BLOOM by Caylee Grey

A hybrid mini I made to document my love for German spring and all the new flowers I am being exposed to. The cover has some watercolour over it and some lace.


CHARLOTTE by Caylee Grey

After building a collection of those too-cute 4×4 inch albums, I finally made a baby book for a dear friend and her sweet baby.



A handbound mini that I took along with me on a weekend to Paris. Made with only found materials, pen and paint, and paper ephemera.

How lovely are all of Caylee’s albums?! Check out her blog and other sites to see more of her incredible work!