Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Elsie Robinson


Welcome to another edition of the Designer Spotlight! I love social media – especially instagram. That is how I came across the talented Elsie Robinson and today I am so excited to feature some of her gorgeous work!


Name: Elsie Robinson
Location: Brighton, UK
Instagram: @heyelsie_
Pinterest: @heyelsie

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: Hi everyone, I’m Elsie and as you’re reading this I just turned 23! Although I’m a little sad, because now I don’t have a good excuse to always be singing Taylor Swift’s ‘22’ ! I only started scrapbooking towards the end of last year. I started with Project Life as a way to physically store my photos, as I hated the idea of having all of my photos stored on a computer. After watching a couple of YouTube process videos, I decided to give 12 x 12″ layouts a go, and I haven’t looked back. I’m hooked! I think I’ve found that artistic endeavor that makes my heart sing!

Favourite thing to create: 12 x 12″ layouts. Nothing is more daunting/exhilarating than a 12 x 12″ blank piece of white cardstock. I also love creating any layout that involves hand-stitching because it gives me a good excuse to binge-watch Netflix! I also love making process videos. I really enjoy video-editing so I find that scrapbook process videos are a fun way to combine both!

What do you love about this hobby? It’s all kinds of magic, isn’t it? I love how I can combine different design/artistic principles in one place. It’s fun to be able to experiment in that way, whilst also telling stories. I also love the community; everyone is so lovely, friendly, and encouraging. As a relative newbie to this ‘scrapping world’, I feel so constantly encouraged and inspired by all the talent that’s out there.

Five fun facts about yourself:
1. I love cereal. I guess that you could say I’m a serial, cereal eater! (That was a terrible joke, I’m sorry.)
2. I’m obsessed with nail polish; there isn’t a colour I don’t have.
3. I have crazy hair that never seems to do anything I want it to, and when I brush it I genuinely look like Hagrid.
4. I love any documentary about space or the ocean.
5. My favourite place in the world (that I’ve ever been to) is Cornwall.

Here is the stunning layout Elsie made for her feature:


BLOOM & GROW by Elsie Robinson

This layout was a few days in the making because the process was very finicky as it involved a lot of fussy-cutting and hand-stitching. This past year hasn’t been the easiest for me health-wise, but I feel like I’m really starting to get back on track and flourish, so I wanted to cover the layout with those beautiful Felicity Jane flowers to represent that.

WING IT by Elsie Robinson

Once I find a motif that I really like using on my layouts, I find myself having phases of using it constantly, this layout was created in my ‘butterfly’ phase! I guess you could say that this layout is a celebration of the fact that on this particular day I had ‘winged’ my eyeliner perfectly!


UP & AWAY by Elsie Robinson

I was blown away by the response I had from this layout. It was completely unexpected because I had no idea if the idea would translate well onto paper. The inspiration from this layout came from the photo where I was in a room full of giant balloons which, as you can imagine, was incredibly fun!


SUNBEAMS by Elsie Robinson

This layout was a venture into a relatively new style for me. I really like the contrast between the angular triangles and the softer aspects like the stitching and hearts. Also, how gorgeous is that geometric Felicity Jane paper? I was very excited because it has purple in it (my favourite colour)!

AMPERSAND by Elsie Robinson

I don’t own an electronic die cutting machine, but I really like challenging myself to find ways to achieve the same look without one. A craft knife, tracing paper, and I have become good friends!

Thank you for joining us today! Be sure to visit Elsie at all of her fun places listed at the top to see more of her beautiful creations!

6 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Elsie Robinson

  1. Suse says:

    Elsie, you just rock! Your work is so fresh and beautiful and you have such lovely ideas… you’re headed for exciting places, young ‘un! xxx ps I love Cornwall and cereal too 😉

  2. Danielle Flanders says:

    Gorgeous projects!! Was wowed by each one, so fabulous and beautiful! Very inspiring!

  3. Katie says:

    Your work is beautiful Elsie and I love your personality coming through on your videos! Congratulations on being featured – well deserved! x

  4. Nicola says:

    I’m so proud of you I could burst! Congratulations Elsie. As always, gorgeous, hugely inspirational and quintessentially you! xx

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