Designer Spotlight with Paige Evans: Jessica Fabiano


Jessica Fabiano’s use of bright colors paired with white backgrounds instantly POP and draw you in! Have fun getting to know her today and seeing her incredible creations!


Name: Jessica Fabiano
Location: Germany
Instagram: @foricecreamiscream
YouTube: foricecreamiscream

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started crafting: Hello there! My name is Jessica. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Germany, which is where I’m studying to become a teacher for art one day. How I started crafting? Phew, I don’t know how that happened! When I was a child, I really hated crafting (so much). I preferred drawing and painting and never cared much about glue, scissors, and paper; it always ended up messy and I never felt good about myself whenever I crafted as a child. Because this negative feeling lasted as I grew up, it didn’t occur to me to pick up my glue, scissors, and paper anytime soon, so I just kept to what I liked better. When my sister returned from the USA where she had lived for three years, she came back with some magazines (Creating Keepsakes) and told me about this creative hobby called “scrapbooking”. Still in doubt (which was around 2004), I didn’t pay much more attention to the hobby, even though I liked the thought of memory keeping. I found my passion for photography and writing years later and started to cherish the process of documenting, so I asked for the magazines again that my sister still had. That’s when I learned more about scrapbooking. It took me some more time to find my style and “field” of crafts; at first I started with shabby chic mini albums with a bunch of lace and interactive elements – but it did not really fulfill me. However, being engaged in the lovely scrapbooking community already, I decided to give layouts a try. And now I’m addicted! It unites everything that I love: using a picture for memory keeping, telling a story through writing, and being creative all together with colors, paints, patterned paper, and more. I just feel like I have found my happy place. White cardstock has become my new favorite canvas.

Favorite thing to create: Layouts, definitely! My standard size is 12 x 12”. I love to use a lot of color and I find that I stick to mostly shades of pink, lime greens, yellows, mint greens, and bits and pieces of orange. I guess those colors make my heart smile. A color I really don’t like is red!

What do you love about this hobby? The community. Scrapbooking without its warm community would only be 50% fun – sharing and interacting with all those creative people is what makes this hobby complete for me. And to be brutally honest? Shopping for new supplies is something I enjoy more than I should, haha. I know it sounds super cheesy, but I’m being sincere when I say that scrapbooking has changed my life – no, I’m serious!

Fun facts about myself:
1) I got sorted into Slytherin house on Pottermore!
2) My favorite dish is pumpkin cream soup! (Which matches my favorite season: fall!)
3) I love writing fanfiction!
4) My lucky number is 7.
5) I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life!

Here is the AMAZING layout Jessica made for her spotlight:


DREAMS COME TRUE by Jessica Fabiano

This is the layout I created for the Scrapbook Expo spotlight – and let me tell you, I couldn’t believe it when Paige sent me the message to feature me. This layout means a lot to me. Life isn’t always easy, but some amazing things can happen and I’m very, very thankful. I want this layout to remind me that dreams can come true, because some of mine have!


LOVELY by Jessica Fabiano

I had no idea what I wanted to do with this layout, so I just started and watched what would happen. It’s so much fun to be a part of an intuitive process. I drew some wobbly hearts and stitched around them then painted them in with watercolor.


LOVE by Jessica Fabiano

For this one I wanted to try some stitching – I’ve been heavily inspired by beautiful Laureen Wagener here, isn’t she just so talented? Stitching really is a lot of fun. But it takes me forever and this is only a simple design!


COLORFUL LIFE by Jessica Fabiano

The process of this layout was extremely meditating. I used watercolor paints for it and just let color take over and lead me. I used a script word stencil with texture paste to add a little dimension – and some stitched butterflies. I noticed that my enamel dots always come in these clusters of three.


STAY STRONG by Jessica Fabiano

“And cast away the dark clouds. For there will be brighter days. Always remember.” is what my journaling says – I made this layout for a friend who was going through a rough time. I always knew that I wanted to use the puffy cloud stickers with the little “x” just the way they came in the packaging, I thought they looked so unique and fun.

Be sure to visit Jessica at all her social media sites listed at the top of this post to learn more about her and see her awesome creations!