Freebie Friday – Jillibean Soup

Hello Sunshine Shaker card by Jillibean Soup

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker

Hello and welcome to Freebie Friday! This week I am very excited to tell you about Jillibean Soup‘s new Shape Shakers collection. This new collection includes everything you need to create shaker cards and guess what? It’s easy and the cards you create are amazing! What more could you ask for.Jillibean Soup Shape Shakers

So how exactly do they work? You start off by picking which shape you would like to work with. Next, you grab the die-cut card that already has the opening cut into it and the coordinating shape shaker. Fill the shaker with sequins, beads, or mini die-cut stamped images. You then attach the Shape Shaker to the card and yes, you are done. Wow! Wasn’t that easy?

Let’s try one ourselves … Start off by stamping the die-cut card base.

Jillibean Soup Shaker Step1

Next, we are going to fill the shaker cup with sequins. The cool thing is that the shaker cups are also self adhesive so you have one less step to worry about!

Jillibean Soup Shaker Step2

Slide the shaker cup into the card base and shake, shake, shake! Wasn’t that fun and easy! Love it!

Jillibean Soup Shaker Step3

Here are a few samples from Kimber McGray and Jill Yegerlehner from Jillibean Soup.

Lemonade Jar Shaker by Jillibean Soup

I really like the look of the stamps die-cut images combined with the sequins in this shaker!

Gumball Machine Shaker card by Jillibean Soup

Yummy! This shaker is filled with sprinkles. What fun! The possibilities are endless!

While at CHA in January, Summer Fullerton joined the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo team to film videos about the Latest & Greatest products from Jillibean Soup. This first video shows the Shape Shakers.

Introducing their new wood embellishments …

tags …

Mushroom Medley collection …

Happy Hello collection …

Mixed Media collection …

There are definitely lots of cool new products from Jillibean Soup.
Friends of Scrapbook Expo

The Jillibean Soup team would like one lucky Scrapbook Expo friend to win a collection of Shape Shakers.

Jillibean Soup Shape Shakers

Learn more about Jillibean Soup here:

For your chance to win an amazing prize pack from our friends at Jillibean Soup, leave a comment on this blog post. This giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, February 18th.

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by Echo Park Paper. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for the Little Man Collection Kit.

The winner is … Brenda Olvera!


Congratulations Brenda! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘Echo Park Paper prize winner’ in the subject line.

Thanks for joining me this week. I hope you have been inspired to go get crafty! If you are looking for more inspiration, visit the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo YouTube channel and watch the Latest & Greatest playlist filled with all new videos taped during CHA 2016.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Don’t forget … for your chance to win a collection of Shape Shakers from Jillibean Soup, leave a comment on this blog post. This giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, February 18th.

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~ Jen

145 thoughts on “Freebie Friday – Jillibean Soup

  1. Carey Nusbaum says:

    Wow! What an amazing prize to win! I love shaker cards! Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to win!

  2. Kim says:

    These are absolutely adorable…..I just tried to find them on the website and could not, then realized this is a promo/gift-away. Sometimes I get so excited that I need to find these items now! LOL Oh the fun stuff I will be making……………..hope they are available for sale soon. IF I actually win, I know I will want more materials fast, just sayin’! LOL
    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Pincombe says:

    Recently heard about Jillibean, but haven’t found them locally to try them. Look forward to previewing them at the expo.

  4. Patricia Navarre says:

    I so wanted these when I first say them and didn’t get them. Know I would live to win these. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Edwina Brown says:

    I have lately been trying to make shaker cards. These items would make life so much easier for making them. I especially like the gumball machine card. The little jar appeals to me too. I know I would get the most use out of the circle one though. Thanks for a chance to win. Edwina Brown

  6. Sula Mordue says:

    These would be so wonderful to use on cards to send to friends and family near and far. Such a fun card to get!!!!!!!

  7. barb macaskill says:

    OMG!! I think I would burst into tears like a little baby if I was the lucky winner of these amazing shaker shapes and goodies!!! I love making shaker cards but due to hand issues cutting my shapes is sometimes difficult! This would be a blessing and I would be a shaking making fool if they arrived on my doorstep!! Thanks for the chance to cry like a baby! LOL

  8. Elisa Valles says:

    Loving the Shape Shakers by Jillibean. Summers here & its time to party – I can imagine the Masin Jar shape would be a show stopper for a “lets party” card.

  9. Edith Bauer says:

    I enjoy making shaker cards, however, they are time consuming; having a kit like this takes the work out of making shaker cards but keeps all the fun! I love that piece of paper with a coffee mug that says “coffee is a hug in a mug”-LOL!

  10. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Those shakers are so cool. It looks so easy to use and those sample cards are perfect examples of how this product can be used. Thanks for offering a wonderful prize.

  11. Wanda Radler says:

    Wow – I really like shaker cards and these shape shakers look so fun and easy!! Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  12. Cindee Mullin says:

    I have made shaker cards before, but this is a new spin and I think they make the shaker card much more fun….

  13. marylouh says:

    this is a fantastic idea. I’ve always wanted to make a shaker card but it looks so intimidating.
    These “kits” would make it so much easier and I wouldn’t have to worry about the sequins
    escaping if I didn’t do it correctly.
    Love this. Hoping to win.

  14. Justine Paulin says:

    I LOVE these shakers!! I’m obsessed!! I love the new cloud and jar shakers. Pick me!!!! Thanks for keeping this trick to making cards alive!

  15. Danielle says:

    I am so excited that these are out! Even if I don’t win I am hands down buying these! Love the shakers!!!

  16. Jeannie Phillips says:

    I have done a few homemade shaker cards – but, nothing as cool as these would allow. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Lujuanna says:

    Love these shape shakers! So clever and great shapes! My favorite (I think) is the bubble gum machine. So fun!

  18. Janelle says:

    I have been waiting for someone to make these! Bravo Jillibean Soup! Can’t wait for them to be available to purchase! ?

  19. Liz Crabbe says:

    I saw these on videos from the CHA show and have been waiting patiently for them to be released. I so would love to have these shape shakers. They look really fun

  20. Colette says:

    I absolutely love this line! I’ve already started collecting some shapes and cards and sequins. I just wish I could find more of this product in Canada. Love Jillibean Soup!!

  21. Razelda says:

    I ❤ this idea, such a super cute idea to enhance a card! I recently started my own business making handmade greeting cards…this would be perfect!

  22. Cheryl Loder says:

    Omg these are so cool…I teach card making and just finished teaching a valentine shaker card using my thinlet dies! I would love to show my students these cool, cute simple shaker cards! They look like lots of fun! Love the shakers…who am I kidding love all cards the shake, spin, pop!

  23. LCJinRoslynPA says:

    Absolutely spiffy! I love shakers, but they have been so tedious to make. Leave it to Jillibean Soup to make it easy! Thanks to them, and Scrapbook Expo, for the chance to win!

  24. Karen Wilde says:

    Gosh, I’ve been afraid to try a shaker card because it looks so difficult. But these make it look like even I can do this! I’d love to at least try!

  25. Sandy Suetta says:

    Finally a company has made shaker cards so much simpler to make! Thank you for saving us time in making these delightful creative designs. The gumball shape will capture the heart of everyone – young or old! Keep the innovative ideas coming…

  26. Kim Reed says:

    What a cute idea! Love the coordination between the cards, shakers, die cuts and stamps! I especially love the cloud shape!

  27. Ann Rock says:

    Wow! These are just what I’ve been looking for, I made some shakers cards at Christmas and they were a little leaky….

  28. Karen Meyer says:

    The cards and shaker shapes look like so much fun! What a great card gift this would be to make for someone. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Janet Ingraham says:

    I’ve been wanting to do shaker cards but just haven’t gotten to it. This would be so awesome to win. My mother-in-law has given me two shaker cards and I need to get caught up 🙂

  30. Debra Seymour says:

    What a fun and unique way to make cards. I haven’t seen these before and am so excited to try them. Just getting into the whole Scrapbook Expo experience and so excited to attend the Pleasanton Expo with my besties.

  31. Lolita says:

    I am new to Scrapbooking, this has to be the most fun ever I can make wonderful things for the people I love and they love it.

  32. Karen Kwok says:

    I love making shaker cards but I don’t think I’ve been using the right materials because the stuff inside always get stuck. I would love to try out Jillibean Soup’s shaker prize pack! 🙂

  33. Linda Tupper says:

    I just LOVE shaker cards. To make them can be a little difficult and I saw these on a video at CHA. I think these are just an incredible product. I’m just in love with the bubble gum machine. How so much easier it would be to make them with these products. How I would so love to use them. Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  34. Kalidindi Sushma says:

    Looking soo cute and making them is soo fun but I haven’t tried in this type waiting for the chance to try this I want it

  35. Joan k says:

    Can’t wait to play with the shaker cards! You take all the hard work out of assembling a shaker card and leave just the fun part for us!!! I have struggled with trying to make them from scratch – now we don’t have to! Thanks so much!!

  36. Sharyn Childs says:

    I’ve tried making shaker cards but with little success. These kits would make it sooo much easier. Would love to win!

  37. Patricia Navarre says:

    This is the most popular set of shaker cards. Everyone wants them even me.. So its going to be hard for you guys to pick one person. Good luck. 🙂

  38. D.Ann C says:

    Gaaa! These are terrific! I have a small box where I’ve saved some plastic packaging for shakers and FINALLY there’s a product that’s MUCH better! Looking forward to using these!!

  39. Christina says:

    As T. Swift would say, “Shake it off! Shake it off!” These would be some really great cards to give to family and friends!

  40. Alisha S. says:

    These look so fun. Have two grand daughters that would love working with their MIMI using these.
    would love to win

  41. Sonia Rivera Gómez says:

    No imagino la cantidad de proyectos que pueden realizarse con estos materiales que son bellisimos, recién estoy iniciando en el maravilloso mundo de scrapbook y me encantaria tenerlos. Gracias. Saludos

  42. Janet Johnson says:

    I recently went to my local scrapbook store in my hometown “The Paper Forest” for a review of the new products that they found at the show in CA. This was one they mentioned. I cannot wait to work with these. I pre-ordered some, but would love to win some also. Just got a new scrapbook room in my house and I am having so much fun trying new things when making cards. I love JilliBean Soup!!!

  43. Lona T says:

    This is very unique and looks amazing. It will wow the person who receives the card it was created for.
    Would love to try it.

  44. Margaret says:

    What a wonderful set! I love shaker cards but don’t make too many as they take so much time. These new materials will make it so much easier!

  45. Bekka Fehr says:

    I have been wanting to make one of these. My grandkids would love it! These look so fun and I would love to create them with the girls!

  46. Marsha Borski says:

    I’ve tried making shaker cards from “scratch” with less than desirable results ?. I can’t wait to try out
    these new shape shakers!

  47. Jamie Havener says:

    Shape Shakers looks like a ton of fun! I have make shaker scrapbook pages, but it is messy and they never really come out right. this would be the Bees Knees

  48. Debra Seymour says:

    I am so excited. I have been traveling and just saw today that I had won. SUPER EXCITED!!! Thank you so much Jen for selecting me as the winner of the Shape Shakers. Truly cannot wait to sit down and make these fun cards with my besties. I have emailed my mailing address as requested. Again, thank you. Cannot wait to try them. 🙂

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