Technique Spotlight with Paige Evans: More Big Titles


I have done a technique spotlight on big titles before, BUT, I really want to share more examples because it is one of my most favorite techniques!

Just Go by Paige Evans2

GO by Paige Evans

I made this layout with the idea in mind that it would be the first layout in a scrapbook about traveling! So I die cut a large “go” (from Kerri Bradford Studio), outlined it with a black marker to help it stand out, and then backed it with our family photos from adventures around Europe.

#feels by Paige Evans

#FEELS by Paige Evans

I also love stitching large titles – I simply love the texture and dimension it adds! Instead of painting inside the letters I used colored pencils – this helps the words stand out from the page and makes everything more colorful; always a good thing in my book!

Adventures by Paige Evans

ADVENTURES by Paige Evans

Kerri Bradford creates some amazing cut files and I love using them to create big titles! Here I glued one of her cut files down the center and embellished all around it.

Wonderful by Paige Evans

WONDERFUL by Paige Evans

I love to hand cut letters from patterned papers which is what I did here and then placed them in a grid format. Grid-based layouts are a great go-to technique – once you have the first pieces down simply embellish to your heart’s content!

Wanderlust by Paige Evans

WANDERLUST by Paige Evans

Here is another layout with a big hand cut title! I first drew what I wanted to title to look and be shaped like on scratch paper and then used each individual letter as a template to hand cut it from patterned paper, then stitched it onto my final background cardstock.

I hope you’re inspired to create a page with a big, bold, and dynamic title!

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